A serious intruder!

It has crudely invaded our world!

It took over our minds and locked down our thought system; it controls our thoughts…


We mortals have made time the commander of our thoughts. We can’t think without it! We can’t even imagine life without it!

The most we can do is rant on about how “time is relative, and time doesn’t really exist” and so on… Rather like grey parrots…

I’m this age at this time… Which time??!!

How much of the truth pertaining to the state beyond the flesh can you expect from one who lives in the state of the flesh and thinks with the flesh?

They buy flesh, sell flesh, chase after flesh! They think of man as flesh and live for flesh! They judge man according to his flesh and then confine him to the limits of ‘time’!

And we still ask… “When???”

The Rasul of Allah (saw) talked about the coming of events… He said days will come when women will dress like men and style their hair like camel humps… 1400 years ago! But he didn’t give a specific time… He spoke of many signs of Doomsday, but he didn’t give specific time to any of them…

Many enlightened ones have also talked about future events, but none of them specified the time…

Why is this so?

Because the concept of time doesn’t exist in the state of those who live beyond the flesh! They perceive and experience these realities in a state beyond the flesh!

If, out of our persistence, they specify a time, they will probably be mistaken. For it is misleading to construe that which is timeless, with time.

Events may be observed and experienced in timelessness, like waves one after another… Or like dreams, seen one after another…

Even though there is some sense of time in a dream, it is entirely due to the already existing data in one’s brain; it’s not real! Hence, it isn’t possible to say exactly when something will transpire, based on a dream… One may assume the coming of an event based on a dream, but one cannot determine when it will happen.

This reality is a little different for the enlightened ones among the followers of the Rasul of Allah (saw). Their perception doesn’t even need vision, like that in a dream, as they are said to be able to perceive and sense the coming of an event based solely on their instincts and the manifestation of this in their comprehension. For their state of reality is pure consciousness, free from the concepts of time and space. Beneath this state is another state, one in which visions during the awake state occur, similar to the dream state.

Perceiving without vision is called revelation in the case of Rasuls, and inspiration in the case of his followers… Realities that are perceived in this state do not appear in any particular ‘form’, hence the concept of time is inapplicable to them.

They say such beings experience life in a totally different way to our flesh-based world! As though they travel through timelessness and formlessness mounted on a Buraq or a Rafraf while discovering what they discover in their own consciousness (in reality Rafraf refers to the ability to detach from the body and bodily limitations and Buraq is the ability to appear at any place at any time at the speed of thought.)

Then they deign to our level of flesh… While some appear as flesh and articulate their observations, the novice tries to conceptualize existence within the boundaries of time… But time frames are for the level of flesh, they’re open to misunderstandings and misjudgments…

It would be great misfortune for us to misevaluate these realities, we’d be reducing and confining ourselves to the level of flesh if we do…

Man has been created in a realm of timelessness and spacelessness. He can’t even be considered to be a spirit at this level of existence, yet his very existence has a spirit and it is the necessity of this spirit that he search for his essence, his essential self, so that he may find true peace.

One who is created from earth will run after earthly pleasures and eventually return to earth…

One who is created from this dimension will spend his life in longing and eventually return to his home…

Everything will return to its essence!




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