Allah predetermines the sustenance of all creation before they are created. The sustenance of the servant will come to him in parts, from the point of his creation to infinity, according to what has been predetermined for him.

Whatever he needs in order to fulfill his servitude in a wholesome way, it is given to him at every instance. Depending on his creation and nature, he will do the necessary ‘work’ for this sustenance to come to him. Nobody can get an iota’s worth extra or less than what has been determined. Saying “If only I had done this…” or “if I hadn’t done that I would have earned more…” only shows one’s lack of discernment of the system.

The blind is not one whose eyes don’t see, but one who is unable to see the universal system and order!

Allah gives!

And sometimes, Allah wants a sacrifice!

And sometimes, redemption!

Sacrifice is for cleansing; redemption is for rescue.

But what about the leash you’ve put on yourself? If you can’t take your leash off in this world, you will never be able to take it off in the next world.

That leash is called “I,” and the only way to get it off is to pay its redemption. To sacrifice yourself!

Making a sacrifice is all about realizing the inexistence of your assumed identity-self and to annihilate it, to sacrifice it, to the Ever-Living One.

The wise like to give. They give unrequitedly.

The “I”-leashed love to take. And they never give without a return.

The morals of Allah are such that He sends the rain without a return, He gives the air without a return, He gave us eyes so we can observe His beauty without a return, He gave us hands so we can hold and enjoy beauty without a return…

Indeed, each will live what has been predetermined for him and each will live the results of his actions.

I can only deliver to you what has been predetermined for you, but the giver is always Allah. We will all succeed in what has been eased for us by creation. What we can’t achieve is what has not been determined for us.

The rain falls upon many barren lands where nothing ever greens. But it doesn’t stop raining…

Expectation is either from hope or from ignorance. Those who carry their grave on their backs have already abandoned the world… They are those who “flee to Allah”…

Anyway, my friends, I wish not to take up too much of your time…

Give unrequitedly without expecting a return… If need be, pay its redemption too, in fact, give your “I” away too!

To become moralized with the morals of Allah is to give away everything you own!

We came naked to this world, we’re going to be naked when we go. Give away your world, your hereafter, even if it hurts, even if it burns you, give everything that makes you “you” away…

Purify yourself, just like gold is purified with fire, purify yourself from your self and reach the station of the Pure Self!

If this is what you’ve been created for, it will be eased for you, you will find yourself doing whatever is necessary in this way… But maybe, it’s not going to be easy at all, maybe it’s going to be hard to give, maybe it’s going to burn you, maybe you’re already burning… In any case, know that this is good for you, this is purifying you, burn yourself away and become completely free!



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