Who's Talking?

“Are you listening to yourself?” or “Do you hear yourself?” we ask sometimes…

But what does it actually mean to listen to one’s self? From where do the words we utter originate? The brain you say? But how do they form in the brain? How are they expressed? And why are we bound to live the consequences of the things we say?

Almost everything we live is the direct result of the things we’ve said or done in the past, most of which we’ve probably forgotten… Or didn’t really take seriously!

We may forget, but Allah doesn’t.

We sow what we reap…

Remember the verse:

“Whether you conceal what is in your hearts or reveal it, Allah (as its creator) knows it.”[1]

You may argue, “But how can I control my thoughts?” Arguing makes no difference my friend.

The system of Allah never falters!

The Rasul (saw) never claimed the mechanics of the system could change if people oppose to them.

Did you ever see an arrow suddenly change its course in the air?

A thought is like an arrow shot from the brain. As soon as a thought appears in the brain it is already on its way to execution. Allah is the creator of thoughts!

“And you threw not (the arrow) when you (illusory self; ego) threw, but it was Allah who threw!”[2]

“While it is Allah who created you and all your doings!”

If we conceive the One denoted by the name Allah as a god in space surely we can’t make any sense of this phenomenon, it will seem like a contradiction.

But once we understand the One referenced as Allah is the Ever-living Eternal One in our essence, things will begin to fall into place…

“You cannot will unless Allah, the Rabb of the worlds, wills!”[3]

If we can recognize who’s actually behind the seeming act of willing, things will become much more clear…

You’re infinitely finite… Allah is infinitely Eternal and Ever-living!

What can nothing create? Nothing!

Everything that appears to exist is the Eternal One!

[1] Quran 3:29

[2] Quran 8:17

[3] Quran 81:29

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