Just because one who centers his life on food and sex talks eloquently about the Pure Self and the Pleasing Self doesn’t mean he has overcome his Inciting Self!

Many are at the level of the Inciting Self, but are dressed as the Inspired Self. Their knowledge of the Inspired Self has become their antichrist, leading them to choose the paradise of the antichrist!

The antichrist may become disclosed in one’s mind, or in one’s environment, or in a nation against a society, or against the entire world! Just like death is experienced at the individual level as it is at the societal level, the same applies to the antichrist. It is an archetype and may take different forms at different levels. Its function is to cause confusion between what is right and what is wrong, what is authentic and what is unauthentic, what is proper and what is improper, etc. – showing the right in the guise of the wrong and vice versa… In other words, its function is to twist, distort and misguide.

In terms of the individual, the antichrist archetype becomes most explicit at the level of the Inspired Self. If the person hasn’t received the necessary spiritual training, his misgivings will provide extra support, leading his ego to become pharaonic and thus eternally veiled.

The people of authenticity will READ the system and articulate things that have not been previously spoken of while the people of inauthenticity will spend much of their time in idle talk and hearsay.

In the end, everyone will find what they deserve!




Note: This is not an attack on anyone. The source of this article is none other than the reflection in my mirror.

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