If we can’t put to use this hint, we’ll begin to contrive absurd ideas and end up in hell without having benefited from the timeless Book of Knowledge and discovering the endless potential comprising our essence.

The Rasul of Allah (saw), the discloser the Quran, says, “When you’re invited to salat…”

We are invited to read the Book at least five times a day!

Why can’t salat be without ablution? What is ablution? How is it made?

Why can’t salat be without the Fatiha?

I wonder if we’re aware?

The muezzin… To what is he calling the people with the adhan? Is he conscious of the invitation he’s making?

Are the people conscious and aware of what they’re being invited to?

How are we to purify ourselves and take ablution to attend the muezzin’s invitation?

As I explained in The Power of Prayer, the Rasul of Allah (saw) advises that we read a prayer that begins with the line, “O Allah, the Rabb of this complete invitation…” after the adhan… Why ‘complete’ invitation? To what is it a complete invitation?

What is the muezzin inviting us to?

Could it be to the experience of ascension?

Is salat not the ascension of the believer?

Understand that the call for prayer is essentially a call for ascension!

Abdulqadir al-Jinali says, one who doesn’t experience ascension isn’t performing salat!

But ascension is the tool, the means to experience something else.

What is it that we’re actually being invited to experience, I wonder?

And why was this invitation intended to be compulsory 50 times a day?

Did you ever think of the call to prayer as an invitation to live an ascension to your higher reality?

How is the call to prayer recited?

Who hears it? Who perceives it? Who responds to it?

Why is salat a compulsory practice for the believers?

Why at least five times a day?

What are those who don’t respond to this call missing out on?

It’s as though ears have become deaf!

Has Doomsday started or what?

The sun has darkened, i.e. knowledge has faded, and the stars have fallen, i.e. the people of knowledge have retreated…

The world has become crammed with those who are blind to the reality and deaf to the adhan, and impotent from speaking the truth!

Man has become silenced!

Only the tape recorders are playing, repeating their memorized knowledge over and over again…

Help us, O Allah!



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