Obviously one who bases his life on external factors and conditions cannot recognize or experience his inner most reality and hence suffers to the extent of his external ties. Whatever you think you own and possess, in the end, you will lose it all. You will spend your life in constant fear of losing; and eventually when you do, you will burn and suffer. 

Man is not like a plant or an animal. Beyond his body that will decompose under the earth he will forever live on as a spirit-brain, because his essence is HAYY (the ever-living One).

Evaluate all the names in this light and question your level of discernment and awareness of these names that form your existence at every moment before it’s too late.

What we perceive to be millions of galaxies in this level of space alone comprises only 4% of what’s really out there, you can’t even imagine the scope of the “domain of names” and what it is capable of manifesting.

Put aside what you think you already know based on your senses, this is primitive and restricted information!

Let alone this universe of which 96% of it is called dark matter -about which by the way we have no solid knowledge- there are so many universes within universes, some of which I call higher matter to reference much higher platforms of existence, if you can fathom this perhaps then you can step beyond the god and prophet notion in your little world…

The point manifested itself as the brain to see and observe itself and knowledge was disclosed to the brain (heart-consciousness) under the name “revelation”.

In fact knowledge took the form of the brain to those who were used to seeing with their eyes.

They couldn’t understand the reality denoted by “your spirits are your brains and your brains are your spirits”, and they won’t, until the reformer comes and brings a new perspective and insight to science and technology, and until the essence of matter is really comprehended.

The teaching of theists that there is matter and there is also a spirit has been rendered totally invalid. The west has established the fact that matter and spirit are not separate, that they are one and the same. What is perceived to be many is only due to the perception differences of our sensory organs.

Data is the essence of knowledge that has been disclosed. The Domain of Names comprises the qualities pertaining to the One, as far as our dimension and perception goes… We call it the Domain of Names but essentially it is only data. Without form, shape or place. It is pure existence, knowledge!

Now concentrate and think realistically:

Where in the brain is the Domain of Names? Or where is the brain within the Domain of Names? 

God is the name you give to the deity you’ve imagined to be somewhere beyond you.

The truth is, the Domain of Names, also referred to as the reality of Muhammad, is your quintessential reality.

If one has faith in the reality of Muhammad (i.e. the Domain of Names) he is called a believer (mumin) who has reached the secret of “Aminu-B-illah” (belief in Allah in accord with the meaning of the B sign). There are three levels to experiencing this yakeen (certainty).

“If the oceans were ink and the trees were pens…” how much of this vastness can it explain to us, only 4% of which we have awareness?

So, whoever expects to meet their Rabb (purify himself of the external and experience the requirements of the reality of the Names inside him) let him fulfill the requirements of his faith and (continue) serving His Rabb and not assign any partners (external manifestations) to Him![1]

[1]Quan 18:110

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