The present moment is Muhyi (The giver of life. The One who enlivens and enlightens! The One who enables enlightenment through true knowledge and the observation of one’s essential reality) and Mumit (The bringer of death. The One who enables a ‘taste’ (experience) of death. The One who allows a transition between one state of existence into another). It is Baith (The resurrector. The One who constantly transforms new dimensions of existence). It brings to life, transforms and brings into another life in the next moment.

Data is Rahman (the materialization of the essence of every iota, with Allah’s Names in His Knowledge; the quantum potential). Data is the totality of all the qualities denoted by the Names. While the name al-Wahid points to the fact that the qualities referenced by the Names belong to a single One, the name Rahman points to the infinite qualities pertaining to that Singularity.

Data is Rahim (Rahim is the name that brings the infinite qualities of Rahman into engendered existence. In this sense, it is the ‘observation’ of the potential). It manifests anew at every instance the multidimensional single frame picture sketched by the Pen. A single system (sunnatullah) comprising the whole, from the micro levels to the macro levels.

Data gives life to all forms within the multidimensional single frame picture, with knowledge.

It is the Rabb of the worlds; the Fatir (the One who creates everything programmed according to its purpose), the Bari (the designer, the One who fashions all of creation with unique functions and designs), the Badi (the originator, the One who originates innumerable manifestations, all with unique and exclusive qualities).

Data enables the continuation of servitude for every individual unit of existence within the worlds, based on their purpose of manifestation. 

Data is beyond being limited by its manifestations and the qualities its names reference.

Data has brought into existence from nothingness the multiverses within the multidimensional single frame picture, with knowledge, in knowledge.

Think of a human hologram. It has a relative existence, it speaks and moves… Others can perceive it, but it derives its existence from its projector. If the projector stops working the human will immediately disappear (remember that the worlds exist and subsist with divine observation).

Thus, the multiverses comprising the multidimensional single frame picture are comprised of a holographic reality.

This holographic multidimensional universe is the result of the observation of knowledge, in his knowledge with his knowledge!

The worlds have been created with the spark of illusion!

The essence of the worlds is a dream!

Anqa (Phoenix) is the name of a bird whose name exists but its ‘self’ doesn’t!

Existence is an illusion produced by the delusive one.

Such claims have all been made by the intimates of the reality in the past. What do you think they were really pointing to?

“Whatever everyone is created for that will be eased and facilitated for them. This is why each will succeed in what he has been created for. “ Does this refer only to humans or to every form within the multidimensional universe projecting from a single point?

Say, “Everyone acts according to his own creation program (natural disposition; fitrah)” This is why your Rabb (who is the Fatir) knows best who is on the right path!”[1]


[1]Quran 17:84

84 / 104

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