‘Data’ which is essentially a reference to the dimension of names cannot be described in and of itself. Only through the First Reflection appearing and manifesting as the Reality of Muhammad (saw) all of the qualities of the Names will be disclosed and this will continue as differing manifestations ad infinitum. 

The Reality of Muhammad observed itself with all its glory through the brain of Muhammad Mustapha (saw). Hence we say Muhammad (saw) is the most magnificent being. The profound source of knowledge, the Quran was revealed through him. He is the most perfect mirror reflecting the pinnacle of the Reality of Muhammad, no other creation can reflect this reality as comprehensively and holistically as he was able to.

One who takes a single sip of the wine of heaven formed by the glance of the Reality of Muhammad will become so drunk, none can fathom it other than the one who experiences it…

When Shams al-Tabrizi made Mewlana Jalaladdin al-Rumi, a revered saint and scholar, drink a single glass of the infinite ocean of the wine of paradise, he was so drunk in love that the force of that love made him write the Diwan al-Kabir and claim, “Today Ahmad is I, but not the Ahmad of yesterday.” Who knows to which secret he was pointing with these words?

The Perfect Man (aka the Reality of Muhammad) observes the multidimensional single frame picture (the multiverses) as the function of the First Intellect, at every instance.

Sayyid Abdulkareem Jilani (Jili), from whom I have gained much enlightenment, says in his book “The Perfect Man”, ”the worlds have been created from the spark of illusion!”

At every instant it comes into and out of existence with the spark of illusion as the multidimensional single frame picture and is observed as the station of names.

Data! All the Names of which we have been informed and those of which we have not been informed points to His qualities. These qualities comprise the ink of the single frame picture.

Data is the inner depths of Ahadiyyah, no thought can touch this place. We are told that it derives its existence from the knowledge pertaining to the Absolute Essence (dhat) through the channel of Ahadiyyah. A writing I had penned many years ago The witness of the Absolute Essence (Shuhud-u Dhat ) was in reference to this truth. As a result of this The Unity of Witness (Wahdat-I Shuhud) may be experienced through divine condescension, and then the unity of existence (wahdat-i wujud) as the condescension of this station. All of this transpires within the scope of the station of the Names.

Data! Unity (Wahidiyyah) draws our attention to the fact that all of the qualities referenced by the names pertain to His SINGULARITY.

Data! Enables us to recognize the Ahadiyyah (oneness) with His name HU (absolute essence). Ahadiyyah points to the Absolute Essence (dhat) beyond the door that opens from within one’s depths. It explains that the qualities referred to as the Names are created with the light of illusion for the purpose of observation and discovery.

Data! Is a point in the sight of Allah in terms of his Uluhiyyah. Allah is Akbar!

Data bears witness that none other than Allah exists. Yet the One who bears witness to this is no other than Itself, in the guise of the manifestation of the name as-Shahid.

Remember the one who said, “For years I thought I was doing dhikr for the One, only to realize it was Him doing dhikr to Himself all along”!

Your pre-eternal and post-eternal existence is comprised of data. These names do not point to time and space, they point to dimensionality.

Everything comes from Him (dimensionally) and returns to Him. This takes place at every instance, in the sight of the Observer. Yet even this is a perception. In essence time, space and dimensions do not exist.

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