No calamity befalls you on earth (on your physical body and outer world) or among yourselves (your inner world) that has not already been recorded in a book (formed in the dimension of the knowledge)before We bring it into being! Indeed, for Allah, this is easy.

We inform you of this in order that you do not despair over your losses or exult (in pride) over what We have given you, for Allah does not like the boastful and the arrogant![1]

 “While it is Allah who created you and all your doings!”[2]

You cannot will unless Allah wills (your will is Allah’s will)![3]  

Notice that all of these verses and explanations are to explicate the stages of the observation of His knowledge in His Knowledge.

The Quran is al-Kareem. It is the source of abundant knowledge. Unmatched, for the one who can actually READ it.

“If he opens one’s consciousness to Islam, divine knowledge (Nur) will manifest from him.”

Whosoever comprehends the non-existence of his existence, the One will claim I AM through him, and as-Sami (The All-hearing One who perceives His manifestations at every instance) will perceive this.

The blind will live as far as their eyes allow them to, the Basir (the One who observes and evaluates) on the other hand, will perceive the whole of manifestation.

The blind, deaf and dumb one is the one who lives within the limits of his physical eyes, ears and tongue.

The divine garden is rich in variety! All serve a purpose. 

If one has not been created for the purpose of recognizing the reality then however great their rank, education level, social status etc may be, they will never be able to reach the reality. 

They will not question, contemplate, or research. They will accept without question the absurd concept of a god sitting in the throne who sent his son to earth instead!

A God sitting on a throne in space! He has an army, a face, hands and feet. Sometimes he descends to earth, or sends spirits and angels, whose journey takes 50 thousand years (according to the speed of camels or light, nobody knows)… 

They accept these absurdities without question, without contemplation, as if it’s a great skill to able to do so. And then they give themselves titles and ranks because of this.

Although it is clear that such expressions are metaphoric and symbolic, that they need to be deciphered and decoded, their conditionings overweigh the importance of this.

For they too have been created to fulfill the requisites of their servitude, which is obviously being fulfilled in this way.

So now please think without judgment or prejudice, realistically and objectively…

Are you of those who has come into existence from the “blind (amaah) of nothingness with the light of knowledge” to observe knowledge with knowledge and experience the blessings of “selfless fasting”? Can you fast consecutively some times? Or does your ‘humanness’ weigh heavier in Ramadan?

[1]Quran 57:22-23

[2]Quran 37:96

[3]Quran 76:30

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