He has never really thought about the meaning of the names al-Muhyi (The giver of life. The One who enlivens and enlightens! The One who enables enlightenment through true knowledge and the observation of one’s essential reality) and al-Mumit (The bringer of death. The One who enables a ‘taste’ (experience) of death. The One who allows a transition between one state of existence into another). 

He evaluates everything based on matter. He never once considers the implications in the metaphysical domain. According to this vision, God is watching from the heavens and killing people on earth. What a ruthless god!

He is unaware of the sign, “Do not say ‘they are dead’ about those who have turned inward and who then articulate the reality so that others may also experience it” …

Obviously can’t experience the reality if one doesn’t try to discern what is actually implied by the metaphors instead of repeating the symbolic language of the past. He will spend his life idly gossiping about Sufism. The door out of imitation into authenticity is to ask, “Which reality is being referenced with these metaphors?”

It is to think about why you are doing what you are doing.

So, going back to those who send salawats to their “deceased prophet”, I suggest they re-read the chapter on "Salawat and mirror neurons", and the section on salawat in The Power of Prayer

If one reads salawat while thinking about its meaning and turns holistically to align himself with Him, that magnificent being will most definitely be aware of it.

There is no record of time and space in the system. There are no differences in dimensions. Think about the implications of this. If you can really discern this your perception of the world will change.

My friend, let me unveil a big misunderstanding regarding risalah and the Rasul of Allah… Muhammad Mustapha (saw) is not the “Minister of Good Morals and Virtues”, do not reduce this sublime eminent being to such simple notions and become curtained of his reality. He is the manifestation of magnificent divine knowledge and reality, disclosed to make you aware of the infinite treasures within your essence.This is why the Quran was disclosed and revealed to the Rasul.

The expression “maqarimi ahlaq” cannot be translated as “the completion of morals” this is not about virtues and morals. What does it really mean to become moralized with the morals of Allah? Maqarimi ahlaq is the morals of Allah. What does this mean? Have you contemplated on this? Have you tried to discern its universal meaning? 

Don’t you know Allah is free from being conditioned by the morals of humanity?

So then what kinds of morals are being referenced here? What kinds of morals are humans advised to adopt? This, I leave to the judgment of thinking brains!

To understand what is meant by the much-misunderstood hadith “Religion is comprised of good morals” lies in the secret of the hadith “become moralized with the morals of Allah.”

One thing is for sure; to understand religion as something that came to give good morals to humanity is outright wrong. This will inevitably lead to the rebuttal, “I already have good morals; therefore I don’t need religion or the Rasul.”

Religion has come to notify us of the reality of risalah and to enable its experience. He who complies with this will automatically become a person of good morals. 

Good morals will not lead you to the reality of risalah but having faith in the reality of risalah and practicing its recommendations will give one good morals. There are innumerous people on the planet with exemplary good morals but most of them have no idea of the reality of faith and its fruits. 

It is not possible for those who consecrate their deities to understand what is denoted by “becoming moralized with the morals of Allah”.

Consider Jesus’ (pbuh) words, “You think like a man… not like Allah” and stop repeating and reciting metaphors if you want to discover the infinite treasure of secrets within your essence.


10 August 2007

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