The fitnah (provocation) of the end times, dajjaliyah (antichrist) is that which prevents people from turning inward, keeping them preoccupied at the physical material level.

While the reality comprising your essence, in which you are invited to have faith, runs its course, whether you’re aware of it or not, you can’t even begin to fathom the loss in which you will find yourself if you keep spending your life at the external level invested in things that will have no benefit to you in the future. 

The most valuable thing you can acquire at the external level means nothing next the internal values. Ignorant of your reality, you’re wasting your life like using a nuclear bomb to kill a mosquito…

The Reality of Muhammad took the form of the person Muhammad Mustapha (saw) to invite the people to “faith” in their reality. Those who accepted became believers and their radiant light almost extinguished the fire of hell. Hell exclaimed, “Hurry up and pass O believer! Your light is about to put out my fire!”

Blessed are those who experience the reality of Muhammad comprising their essence, they are (The Muqarraboon) those who have attained the state of divine closeness. The name al-Wali has become disclosed in their lives…

Do you know who they are?

They are the people of divine closeness (qurb) who have risen above the romanticized “beloved prophet” concept and who have observed the Reality of Muhammad with all its awe and grandeur and have rested their faith in it, reaching the level of special sainthood (wilayah)… 

Those who don’t get that prophethood is not an institution and doesn’t exist will never be able to perceive sainthood (wilayah) not even with the most advanced telescope(!) They are too invested in the romantic concept of a beloved prophet, which they have created in their minds, and yet they will pass through this life constantly longing for him and never be able to unite and never be able to see that magnificent disclosure.

Yes, my friend, when that call comes from the reality inside you which has not yet manifested itself, that is, the Rasul of Allah, i.e. the disclosure of Allah’s knowledge, if you don’t hear it and give its due then you will suffer from eternal blindness. Be of the thankful ones by duly evaluating the call, do not be of the ungrateful who choose to be blind to this most valuable invitation.

Hear the one who is calling and put on your manners. Know that to have knowledge of faith is not the same as having faith. To say I have believed does not give you the experience and taste of that belief. 

If the fruits of your faith are not manifesting in your life, if you are still burning and suffering, if you still have fear of losing and are subject to various emotional traumas then claiming to have faith may even be a divine trap (maqr) for you.

Consider this on a serious note. Otherwise, you’re going to be punishing yourself with your very actions. You’re going to be forever blind as the result of what your brain outputs. 

Sufficient for you is your individual consciousness to discern the consequences of your actions.[1]

The blind one is constantly in remembrance of his beloved “prophet” recklessly sending “salawat” to him!

He thinks “And do not say “They are dead” about those who are killed in the way of Allah” is about someone who went out on the way of Allah and then he was killed on the way, obviously completely oblivious of the fact that “the killer is Allah” too!

[1]Quran 17:14

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