No loss will cause any suffering or sense of burning. They will have nothing to fear or grieve”[1]

He who doesn’t discern the reality denoted by the name Allah as explained by the Rasul of Allah (saw) will end up worshipping a god he creates in his imagination with whatever data he has in his database, or he will become an atheist. 

And to discern the reality denoted by the name Allah as explained by the Rasul of Allah (saw) one must be aware of science and scientific discoveries. Without a scientific understanding one cannot discern this reality, but he can nevertheless “have faith in it”. This then is to have faith in the “risalah” function and in its teachings. This is why the word of testimony is about having faith in and witnessing risalah rather than nubuwwah.

Risalahrequires faith, nubuwwah requires submission. The first is a mu’min (one who has faith) the second is a muslim (one who has submitted).

The Quran accentuates those who will be admitted to heaven in respect of their faith not their deeds. 

If one has faith in the mysteries revealed by the Rasul of Allah (saw) then for the outcome of this faith to manifest in his life he will automatically encounter the function of nubuwwah, which prescribes the necessary practices for the implementation and experience of this faith. So if one has faith in the realities that have been revealed through risalah then in order to experience this reality nubuwwah shows us the way, for example, it invites us to practice and perform salat. “Salat is the ascension of the believer” i.e. it is to feel and experience the reality in which one rests his faith. 

So, woe to those who pray (out of custom),

Who are heedless (cocooned) of (the experience of the meaning of) their salat (which is an ascension [miraj] to their innermost essential reality; their Rabb)[2].

“There are so many who seemingly perform salat, yet their only gain is fatigue”[3]

“The salat which has not been duly performed will be folded up like an old garment and thrown back at his face by the angels….”[4]

“O believers, do not approach salat when you are not aware of what you do (in a drunken state) until you are conscious of what you are saying…”[5]

All of the above warnings direct us to the same truth; that the reality in which one has faith must be experienced in salat. Thus the meanings of the words that are recited should be deeply contemplated upon. 

Nubuwwah is the function that notifies one of the things he must do or abstain from in order to reach the reality that he has faith in.

The most profound knowledge in the history of mankind has become disclosed to Muhammad (saw) at the age of 39 through the mechanism of reading the reality of risalah. Hence he fulfilled his servitude as the Rasul of Allah, three years after which he exemplified his role as the Nabi of Allah based on the Sunnatullah.

The source of knowledge called the Quran that has been revealed (from his essence to his consciousness; it is not a book that fell from the sky) points to having faith in the reality of risalahand explains how this is to be done, explicating the necessary practices that need to be observed or abstained from.

[1]Quran 2:277

[2]Quran 107:4-5



[5]Quran 4:43

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