Question 8:

So then all my inadequacies and shortcomings belong to him too?

Answer 8:

All of your qualities and attributes pertain to the relative assumed existence; they too are relative and illusory. In reality, neither you nor your attributes have a separate existence, and nothing in this infinite being is inadequate or faulty.

Question 9:

Well how about some of the simple primitive things in the universe? Do they also pertain to the One?

Answer 9:

For the eye that perceives primitiveness they don’t pertain to the One. For the eyes with foresight and insight these things are redundant and invalid anyway, since their brains do not depend on their eyesight. They have risen from the level of having their thoughts determined by their eyes to having their sight determined by their thoughts. They have reached the station of selflessness.

Question 10:

I don’t understand most of the things you say, but I don’t want to deny them either. What do you advise me to do?

Answer 10:

Acquire knowledge! Don’t ever stop researching and acquiring knowledge. Always seek knowledge from its source. Knowledge will not be lost until the time of Doomsday. Apply the teachings of the Rasul of Allah (saw) and research into their wisdom. If Allah has willed good for someone He will ease the understanding of religion for him. Always seek wisdom. Don’t waist your time with idle talk and gossip.

Question 11:

Researching and seeking knowledge isn’t for me. I find it difficult to apply these things. 

Answer 11:

Then just do as the Rasul says and don’t prevent others from doing so.

Question 12:

If I’m predestined to have knowledge then even if I don’t actively acquire it will it not come to me?

Answer 12:

Everything is linked to a cause. If you’re predestined for an effect the cause will also be given to you. But if you’re not then the cause will seem too difficult for you.

Question 13:

Some verses and hadith talk about how we will experience the consequences of our own actions, whether this is a reward or a deprivation. Doesn’t this denote that we have a will to do or not do these things?

Answer 13:

The person will reach the results of the actions that he engages in. Positive or negative. However, his actions are not independent of the Absolute One’s predetermination. 

Question 14:

So I will definitely reach the results of whatever I do?

Answer 14:

You will be facilitated to do the actions that will lead you to the results of the thing for which you have been predestined!


8 April 2007

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