Having knowledge of faith is not the same as having faith. Only when one has ‘faith’ rather than its knowledge can they become free of suffering and reach paradise, observing the One in all things at all times.

Knowledge of faith is like the metaphor given in the Quran of a donkey carrying books. One can carry the knowledge of faith yet continue to suffer in the face of events, complaining about why things are the way they are and why they couldn’t be different!

If you’re living with the knowledge of faith rather than its experience, your suffering will not end, even when you make the transition to the next life, you will continue to suffer!

You can only be sure that you have faith if you no longer suffer, if you are not reactive and feel the need to blame situations or people! Only then can you experience paradise. And if the secret of the letter B has become disclosed to you and you have been blessed with its experience, then you will become:


“The observing one”



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