For My Friends…

This is a letter for my future friends. If it reaches them, I hope they understand why I wasn’t able to disclose certain things, or why I couldn’t write more openly!

I’m compelled to be as careful and sensitive as one handling a newly laid egg.

How much can I disclose what I believe to be the truth under a governance that convicts one of supposedly holding an ill ‘intention’ while reading a poem!?

How much of the realities referenced by the metaphors and symbols in the Quran can I reveal in a society that takes Islam as a religion sent down by a heavenly god?

How can I explain that, after I wrote about the nature of man’s spirit being microwave rays produced by the brain in 1970, I was told by alleged Muslims, “microwaves are produced in an oven” – a short time after which the press confirmed there are innumerous microwave rays in the universe?

How can I tell those who think waves only consist of the FM radio waves that the brain actually receives and sends innumerous waves, the scope of which science is yet to figure out, and that life after death is also a world of such waves?

How can I explain to those who use religion for worldly gain and power that religion has nothing to do with worldly benefits?

How can I show those who think Allah is in space that there is no such deity-god concept and Allah exists with His Names in every iota of existence?

How can I explain that the Quran does not talk about a ‘prophet’ based on the understanding of a deity-god, but Nabis and Rasuls, based on the reality denoted by ‘ALLAH’?

Or that when even the Rasul didn’t have the authority to compel anyone to believe or practice anything no one has the right to enforce such things?

How can I explain that preventing young ladies who wear a scarf from attending educational institutions is a direct violation of universal human rights, freedom and democracy?

Or that religion is not a way of imitation and no one can advance an inch by imitating others?

Or that nobody except the Rasul of Allah (saw) should be followed; even if advice is taken from others, each person must determine their own path in life because there is no room for any excuse in the hereafter?

Or that the real weakness lies in the one that appears strong and hungry, and that the weak are bound to end up as bait, and of the grave results of passing on without being duly prepared?

How can I explain the system and order created by the One referenced as Allah is a conscious living being and what we call human, jinn, angel and satan are beings of the various dimensions of this mechanism?

How can I explain that nobody can be of any avail to one who doesn’t fulfill the requisites of Islam disclosed by the Rasul of Allah (saw) in the hereafter? And that he will never have the chance to compensate for what he missed out on after death?

How can I explain the symbols and metaphors used in the Quran are manifestations sourced from the Risalah pertaining to the infinite aspect of man and the world?

Or that intercession is knowledge, and to reach intercession means to reach and apply knowledge, and to refuse intercession is to refuse the application of knowledge?

How can I explain that regardless of the age and century, the spirit of the Quran intends to prepare the people for the future, not to imprison them to the past, and to live by this spirit does not mean to change the Quran? Or that those who fail to read the spirit of the Quran and take it literally will pay a grave price after death?

How can I explain that those who don’t believe in the One whose name is Allah are actually in denial of their own essential qualities and because of this they can never experience the state of paradise?

Or that being a human means being a vicegerent and to live the requisites of this one must adopt a non-judgmental, objective and holistic approach at all times, and to evaluate things with the morals of Allah?

How can I explain that the topic that needs to be addressed with urgency is the cleansing of environmental and societal conditionings and the importance of adopting a universal viewpoint as free-thinking individuals?

How can I explain that, rather than marketing delusive and illusive concepts under the name of religion and using the capital of genuine Muslims to construct buildings and institutions, our first and foremost priority should be to unrequitedly spread true knowledge?

How can I explain to oppressors that there is no room for oppression in either the religion of Islam or the world of humanity?

Please try to understand me!


Ahmed Hulusi



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