If and when they understand the concept of a deity-god is a misconception, because they fail to understand the One referenced as Allah in the Quran, they indulge completely in worldly and bodily pleasures, encouraging others to do the same.

On the other hand, imitators can also be found among humans.

Their religion, faith and the information they relay is all based on imitation. If you ask them to put aside the words of others and talk for themselves they’ll have nothing to say. If they try, they’ll probably contradict themselves, for an imitator’s mental and intellectual capacity is underdeveloped. They live on a daily basis, unaware of the concept of life after death.

An imitator can’t live alone; they are highly dependent on others. They are constantly in need of others’ money, respect, esteem and attention…

A human of authenticity, however, is free of such needs. They are those who have found Allah in their essential reality and Allah is sufficient for them. Their sole purpose in life is to know Allah. Their only criterion is the Quran, whether they read it externally or internally; they base their life on the realities disclosed in the Quran alone.

An imitator lives to take; a person of authenticity lives to give.

An imitator wants to own; a person of authenticity loves to share.

An imitator spends his time with gossip; a person of authenticity spends his time attaining knowledge.

An imitator judges by surface value, their best skills are to criticize and insult others. A person of authenticity interacts with others only to share knowledge.

An imitator lacks tolerance; a person of authenticity is full of acceptance.

An imitator lives in his own cocoon world; a person of authenticity lives in THE world.

Salam be upon the people of authenticity…




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