What will they find? Disappointment… Sooner or later…

My friends…

Let’s face the truth. Let’s discern the ephemerality of this world! Let’s separate friend from foe, or shall I say, friend from the Antichrist!

Let’s put aside our cookies and befriend one another for the sake of Allah!

Let’s stop criticizing each other and begin to develop and move forward!

Allah created the system and informed us of the way it functions via the Rasuls. Those who can read it can inform those who can’t read so they may at least believe and fulfill the requisites in order to save themselves.

It is because of the way this system functions that what I eat will not nourish you, and the medicine I take will not heal you!

The prayer and dhikr I practice will not be of any benefit to you. Each is to their own in this system. No one can pass on the reward of a practice you didn’t engage in to you!

If you don’t do dhikr, the specific advancements will not occur in your brain, regardless of who you know. If you don’t read the prayers for protection in the Quran a hundred times a day, you will not be protected from the harmful beings that you can’t perceive, despite who you know!

If you don’t recite the prayer the Rasul of Allah (saw) read during Ascension,[1] there is a high chance you will unknowingly become subject to certain adverse influences. This is because the brain is unable to form the necessary field of protection as its capacity increases with dhikr, leaving you vulnerable to invisible beings. You may then succumb to their misguidance and fall far from Allah.

My friends, I write all of this with genuine intention and in your interest. I have no intention to criticize or hurt anyone’s feelings. These are the truths I know. Allah be my witness, you will see the truth in my words in the future and you will be asked, “Were you not warned?”

Let us either fulfill the requisites of this knowledge upon the path of the Rasul (saw)… Or prepare ourselves for grave disappointment…

May Allah enable the comprehension of these truths…



Manhattan – NY

[1] Refer to The Power of Prayer for details.

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