It’s too crowded outside… And so noisy!

What does the word ‘outside’ mean to you?

I don’t know about you, but outside for me is definitely very crowded and noisy!

Tardigrades, also known as waterbears, are water-dwelling, segmented micro-animals that can survive in extreme environments, like pressure about six times greater than that found in the deepest ocean trenches and physically or geochemically extreme conditions that would be detrimental to most life on Earth. Tardigrades and other such animals come to life, dwell and die in micro-cities under our eyelashes or in our eyes, ears, armpits or various other parts of our body… Putting all this, and other bacteria and viruses and basically all forms of life perceivable by our five senses, aside, let’s come to the fundamental question: Where are we in respect to all the lifeforms we can’t perceive? Are we really in empty space on a planet called Earth? Or are we inside the eyes or ears of some gigantic being? Who knows how many lifeforms and beings unperceivable to us we’re living among? Shame we’re limited to only what we can perceive with the five senses! If only we knew the answers to the questions science and medicine hasn’t yet figured out!

What is our position amid all the conscious beings ranging from the microorganisms to the macro-galactic beings? Who and what are we exactly living among? Who perceives us, as what? Who and what aren’t even aware of our existence? And who are aware of those who aren’t aware of us?

What part of the zygote defines the color of our eyes and hair? Where and how is the tone of my voice determined? What part of that first formed cell contains the information regarding my neurons and their role and function?

A fool cannot discern ‘fate’. The ignorant will refuse it altogether.

The science of genetics today displays such an immaculate record of predestination that rejecting fate can only be the result of pure ignorance.

Obviously, those who haven’t yet forgone their conception of an external deity/god must think this predestination is written with a pen, or that perhaps the angels do the writing as god dictates the fate of all the people on earth!?

May we be enlightened with the nur of Muhammad (saw)!

May we truly understand him and discern the reality of the metaphors and examples he presented…

May we comprehend the Batin as the knowledge of Allah comprising the essence of all the infinite universes and understand whether the corporeal worlds are the actualization of this potential knowledge, or whether it’s the observation of a conscious observer.

Let us try to understand what “The Observer is Itself” means.

Let us think about the genetic code perceived by the five senses and what it represents in the material world. What does this physically perceivable code represent in the non-physical and unperceivable world?

Where is the dimensional depths?

Where is the pre-eternal knowledge bank?

What is the ‘Pen’ that writes?

What is written?

What is the relation between the spiritual realm and the genetic chain?

Where does this chain begin and where does it end, and what part of it do we occupy?

How was my fate and life determined before I came into existence?

Where did Nostradamus get his information?

What was the source of his prophecy? How did he attain it?

Where is outside, who are outside and beyond us?

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