Every application done out of pressure and force is an act of hypocrisy. The religion of Islam advises that people only practice things they sincerely and genuinely believe in, for the sake of Allah, without expecting any return from anyone. One who is forced to apply religious practices is in danger of losing their faith and dying as an unbeliever.

Faith has two levels for Muslims (those who accept Islam according to their understanding of it):

  1. To be freed from the suffering awaiting one after death with minimum loss and to reach eternal bliss.
  2. To attain eternal bliss by reaching the One whose name is Allah in their essence and becoming moralized with His morals.

Both results can only be reached through the work one does in this world; nothing can be done after death in this cause. No Rasul or saint can give the reward for an action that hasn’t been put forth during one’s lifetime. There is no recorded information regarding an increase in one’s level through intervention after death.

When one dies, he will realize that his entire life on Earth was only a few moments long, and the life of the world was his only chance of attaining the things he needs after death. If he hasn’t duly prepared, he will feel deep regret as he will no longer have the opportunity to change things and thus will want to go back to the worldly life. But alas, this will be impossible.

This is why, if one is a believer while pursuing his life on earth independently, he must work towards his life after death. Everyone will only be given the results of what he does; nothing more, nothing less.

Therefore, the believers should stay away from aspiring for worldly fame and sovereignty, power and expectations from others, and work towards a blissful eternal life, spreading and encouraging peace and love.

A believer’s purpose in this world is to know Allah, prepare for his eternal life after death and share his knowledge with others. They should not have any time to argue and dispute with others.

There is no class or status in religion. Only people who share for the sake of Allah unrequitedly. All ranks and evaluations besides this are fabrication. Only Allah knows who the saints are; we can only assume. Our concern should only be knowledge and righteousness.

Because people fail to realize that only through their own effort can they attain success and eternal bliss, for centuries they have awaited a savior (mahdi), squandering away their eternal lives.

Instead of waiting for a savior, we must work towards increasing our knowledge and applying its requisites; this is the only intelligible way.

Let us always be mindful of the fact that only knowledge that is discerned and applied can be useful.

Let the governments do their job – serve the people.

Let the people freely practice their faith without invading the rights of others.




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