The angels who have attained the state of divine closeness (Malak al-Muqarrab) are under its command!

The worlds in the sight of this space are nothing but a dream… A hologram…

Neither angels nor Nabis and Rasuls who have attained divine closeness can intervene once one reaches this space.

Those who have not attained divine closeness will think this is the reality denoted by the name Allah!

Yet Allah can never be limited by anything!

The One denoted by the name Allah is free from the worlds!

Though ‘inner’ is what man can’t perceive; in reality, inner is no other than outer, what we think of as implicit is no other than what is explicit, and vice versa. As soon as we perceive an implicit reality it becomes explicit. In other words, the only thing that changes is perception.

Names and labels we give to explicit things, or our conditioning regarding them, veil us from their reality and lead us to think they are implicit.

To put it another way, what you comprehend is explicit, while what you can’t comprehend is implicit.

If you can observe the reality of the things around you, then their implicit reality will become explicit for you. So long as you fail to make this observation, the explicit reality will remain implicit for you.

Come my friend, come and re-format and re-program your ‘self’, for the program with which you leave this abode will be the program with which you’ll have to run for infinity!

There will be no further opportunity for changes.

Allah knows best!



Night of Ascension


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