Among whom are we going to be when we leave this realm? Where is outside going to be then?

Are ‘others’ only the jinn? Or does this word refer to a much greater scale of conscience existence than we think?

Who are the others that live inside hell, an environment of such intense heat that can evaporate millions of our Earth in an instant? What are they like?

Who are the others among whom we are currently living?

And who are all the other ‘others’ among the billions of galaxies beyond heaven and hell, others to whom such concepts have no relevance?

My friends… We are on an infinite journey to planes of existence our imagination cannot fathom, to a life in which this worldly life is not going to have the least meaning… We have no idea of the infinity that lies before or the infinity that lies after our current life. But one inevitable day we are going to have to leave behind all that we feel attached to, all our possessions and loved ones, and take our place among completely different ‘others’ in a completely different dimension.

Please think again, in light of these truths… How ready are you for this life? How helpful are your predestined qualities? Are they in favor of this life or against it?

Blessed are those for whom preparation for the afterlife has been eased!



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