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How Difficult Is It?

How difficult is it for us to comprehend certain truths?

How difficult is it for us to discern and evaluate the truths we read, memorize, talk about and observe?

How difficult is it to turn away from the world and its governments and turn towards Allah and the life after death, to which we’ll travel all alone?

Let’s remember:

A government is an organization that is established by the people for the purpose of protecting human rights and providing services to them. It’s not sacred; it’s open to modification by the people.

A government cannot have a religion. A religion cannot have a government!

A government is an organization established by the people for the purpose of governing and providing services to them, regardless of their religion, language, race and color. Those who are actively part of this organization have no divinity, immunity or privilege over others; exploiting their position for the sake of their personal gain is treachery and a betrayal to the people and the trust.

The government has no right and jurisdiction to impose a religion upon the people. In fact, the government must stand at equal distance to all beliefs while allowing the people to freely practice their own religion without pressuring or burdening each other.

The government must respect all behavior that does not violate human rights.

The sole purpose of a government is to serve the people; it cannot be biased or enforce things upon any community. A government that does not serve the people is one that has lost its purpose of existence. A government cannot request something that goes against one’s faith, whatever this may be.

Religion is the system and order of the One referenced as Allah, disclosed by the Nabis and the Rasuls, to aid people in the preparation of their eternal lives.

According to the Quran, if one believes and fulfills the requisites of his faith, he will be in a state of bliss after death. If he puts forth the contrary, he will be subject to suffering.

Furthermore, religion tells us man is a vicegerent on Earth and therefore should quit looking for a deity-god in space and discover the reality of the One whose name is Allah in his own depth.

Religion does not advise oppression and enforcement. It is an invitation, an offer made to the sound and intelligent. Whether one takes it seriously or not, its consequences bind only the person.

Religion addresses the individuals, not the government.

It is the individual alone who will resume his life after death; therefore, it is the individual who needs to prepare himself.

The government is not the addressee of religion. The government has no right to intervene in anyone’s faith. It must exercise its law and jurisdiction to serve the people as a whole, without invading the rights of the individuals.

The people and the government must know that any action that is enforced upon others will eventually backfire and hit the enforcer.

The people need to be notified of the essence of religion, but whether they accept it and apply its requisites is up to their own discretion.

Everyone shall die and continue their journey after death on their own. A new state of life will commence after Doomsday and everyone will pass through the dimension of hell, after which a group of believers will escape to the dimension of heaven. This is so based on the teachings of Islam.

Whether an individual will go to heaven is not determined by their actions, but by their level of faith and attitude based on this. An inadequate application of the practices of faith does not render one faithless. One will not be called to account for things he is unable to do due to non-permissive circumstances, but he will live the consequences of what he choses not to do.

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