Just as the cells composing our body are electrically attracted to each other, the same law of attraction applies to the brain, and since the brain produces the spirit, the same quality is passed to these waves, ensuring their unified existence. Hence, the spirit body will continue its indefinite existence in the afterlife as a single unit.

Let’s now analyze the act of seeing that isn’t based on the eye... That is, imaginations, hallucinations, dreams, visions, revelations and insights.

Dreams result from the stimuli the brain receives from the angelic and astrological effects that take place during the night, which are synthesized with the relevant data forms in the brain, then transmitted to the brain’s center of vision at specific intervals to generate the images we see in our dreams.

Dreams need to be interpreted by qualified people because they are symbols based on the person’s database; they need to be decoded.

Hallucinations can be triggered by drugs or jinn. The brain circuitry responsible for illusion turns the accumulated data of one’s local culture and values into symbolic images. Illusions (thinking something exists while it doesn’t or vice versa) can be triggered with drugs or jinn-based waves, driving the person to see things that don’t actually exist.

Unveiling can be of two kinds: either with vision or without… Unveiling is the ability to evaluate and READ the system based on one’s genetic capacity and database. If these evaluations are passed to the center of vision through the filter of one’s database of local values, then the images that are generated need to be interpreted…

If, on the other hand, the center of vision is not involved, then there’s no need for interpretation. This type of unveiling is also known as an introspective observation, insight or epiphany. Consequently, the person gains insight into the inner mechanics of the system and order of Allah.

Revelations can be also divided into two general groups: those with vision and those without. Revelations are formed via angelic means. It is known that angels are formless beings, yet it is also known that Nabis who have received revelations have often seen angels, for example Gabriel, in the form of a man.

The reason for this according to my understanding is:

Sometimes, during the process of READing, certain realities become disclosed in the brain according to one’s brainpower and database, and transmitted to their center of vision as symbolic forms. Thus, the person thinks he has received this information from that form, or he deliberately says this to not contradict the general conception of the masses.

Sometimes the person emits these waves outside so forcefully that others in the vicinity are also able to see the same form. Similar experiences occur among those who claim to see UFOs. The waves comprising the image generated in one’s brain is emitted to his surroundings enabling others to see the same thing.

As such, during the process of revelation, Nabis and Rasuls have seen angels as symbolic forms generated by their database. For we know neither Gabriel, the angel of revelation, nor Azrael, the angel of death, nor any of the other angels have physical forms, they can only be perceived as forms according to the observer’s database.

Having shared this information, I hope I was able to stress the fact that seeing isn’t the point, but it is the proper evaluation, comprehension and application of knowledge in our brain.




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