Moses crossed the Mulhima sea with others who fulfilled the requisites of knowledge, while the Pharaoh tried to walk across the Mulhima sea with his servants.

Moses and the believers passed…

But the Pharaoh and his followers drowned and died in the Mulhimah sea, or shall I say, the Red Sea.

I will not be called to account for your deeds nor you for mine. Your deeds are of no concern to me and mine are of none to you. You to yourself, me to myself, each to themselves!

Take this knowledge I’m sharing with you and apply it in your life if it makes sense to you, leave others to themselves.

You’re here to find Allah, if you have such an inclination. Wasting your time with the gossip of others will bring you nothing other than misery.

I wrote the Power of Prayer to explain that the most important thing in the world is prayer and dhikr. If you still don’t grasp the importance of this then I have nothing further to say.

I wrote about the paramount importance of reading the prayers for protection, especially because those who engage in dhikr become more sensitive and hence more prone to direct or indirect contact with not only positive energy entities, but also , jinn. Taking advantage of this sensitivity, jinn make contact and prompt the ego, bringing out the pharaoh-like qualities in people under the guise of the Mulhima consciousness.

Some claim they trust Allah; therefore, they don’t need to make such prayers. This is as ironic and contradictory as trusting the doctor, but not taking the prescribed medication.

Did the companions of the Rasul not trust him that they were so engaged in the prayers and verses he taught?

One who is devoid of knowledge and understanding can never discern the importance of the energy that is produced in one’s consciousness, even when salat is not duly performed but attempted! Or how the dhikr of the Names of Allah aid in the development of the brain, even if one can’t engage in contemplative dhikr.

Those who have fallen into the ‘knowledge-trap’ fail to see that becoming a Sufi knowledge-bank only aids in the growth of their ego because they don’t continue reading the prayers for protection.

When those who take touristic trips to Umrah for entertainment or to comfort their conscience realize the loss they’ve accrued it will be too late to fix anything.

My friends…

Whoever tells you that performing salat is unnecessary and that dhikr is useless or discourages you from reading the prayers for protection, or lies, gossips or threatens, stay away from them, whoever they may be! Remember that Jesus was deceived by one of his closest companions!

The imitators will have no place near the people of authenticity in the afterlife!

Because those who can’t cleanse themselves from the delusive concept of a deity-god and discern the reality of Allah fail to grasp the system, they wrongly think people will not face the consequences of their deeds – yet again falling into duality!

Whereas, the truth is, each will face the consequences of their own actions.

My friend…

If you lapse back into your delusions and relative conditioned rights and wrongs after true knowledge has come to you, you will not be able to pay the price and you will lead yourself straight to hell.

People can always make mistakes; if you follow them, you’ll have your share in their mistakes.

My advice is, follow only the Rasul of Allah (saw) and the knowledge he disclosed instead of mortals like myself… Draw your own path with this knowledge, face the consequences of your own decisions and blame nobody.

May Allah protect us from pharaohs in the guise of sheiks and scholars, and secure us upon the way of Muhammad (saw).



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