83. Al-Mutaffifin

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Woe to those who do not measure and scale justly!

2. They take their right from the people in full;

3. Yet (when it comes to giving the right of others) they reduce the measure and give them less!

4. Do they not think they will be resurrected (immediately after death)?

5. For a tremendous time.

6. A time when mankind will stand before the Rabb of the worlds!

7. No (never)! Indeed, the record of the falsifiers (who have strayed from the Truth) is in the sijjeen!

8. And what informs you of the sijjeen?

9. It is a non-erasable record!

10. Woe to the deniers (of sunnatullah) at that time!

11. Who denied their time of religion (the time of recompense; when the consequences of all deeds are automatically experienced)!

12. It is only every guilty transgressor who denies it!

13. When he is informed of Our signs he says, “The legends of the old!”

14. No (never)! Rather, the products of their deeds have covered their consciousness (like rust).

15. No! Indeed, that day they are veiled from their Rabb!

16. Then, indeed, they will enter the Fire.

17. Then they will be told, “This is the thing you denied.”

18. No... Indeed, the book of the righteous is in the iliyyun.

19. And what informs you of the iliyyun?

20. It is a non-erasable record!

21. Witnessed by the muqarriboon (those who have attained the state of divine closeness).

22. Indeed, the righteous will be in Paradises of pleasure.

23. On lounges, observing...

24. You will see the radiance of pleasure on their faces.

25. They will be made to drink from a sealed (protected) and purified wine.

26. The last of it is musk... So let those who compete, compete for this!

27. Its mixture is of Tasneem.

28. A spring from which those who have attained divine closeness (the muqarriboon) drink!

29. Indeed, the guilty used to laugh at the believers.

30. When they saw them they used to blink their eyes and mock them.

31. And when they returned to their people (families and friends) they used to return rejoicing.

32. And when they saw (the believers) they used to say, “Indeed, these ones have surely gone astray.”

33. Whereas they were not sent to be their guardians over them (the believers)!

34. So, today the believers are laughing at the veiled ones who denied the Truth!

35. Upon lounges, observing...

36. So, are the deniers of the reality thus living the consequences of their deeds?

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