Think about how much of your life is spent in sleep, alone! And how much of your time is spent surrounded by crowds, yet alone! You might be surrounded by friends and family, but you’re still alone. Despite this reality, you still don’t prepare yourself for an infinite life to which you will travel… Alone!?

You’d have to take delight in horror and nightmare to not prepare yourself for a place where you will be completely alone…

My friends…

A hard disk full of data will not go to heaven! Remember, in the Quran, ‘scholars’ loaded with information who don’t apply the requisites of this knowledge are likened to donkeys carrying books…

If we’re not applying and experiencing our knowledge, then it is no more than a burden on our back.

As long as we’re living, the door to repentance is open. It’s never too late to mend, so long as we’re not of the ungrateful…

If bodily and worldly pleasures are the central themes in one’s life, then one is already damned. Why fill your heart with darkness and veil yourself from Allah by dealing and struggling with such energy fields? The more you interact with such people, the more you will become veiled from Allah and eventually lose faith.

While it was the duty of the Rasul of Allah (saw) to share the message, he did not enforce it upon anyone, so who are we to assume such roles? We did not come here to fight!

Abu Jahil ate and drank like the Rasul, and grew a beard like the Rasul, he dressed like the Rasul and walked like the Rasul, but he did not share his faith! Nor did/do all the others who will be taken away from the Rasul (saw) when he stands by the Pool of Kawthar.

If you don’t want all your work to amount to nothing, take heed of the warnings of the Rasul, repent and realign yourself according to the principles of faith. Or have no doubt that what befell the deniers before you shall also befall you.

The system of Allah, the sunnatullah, will never change!

Every community upon which a calamity befell was warned beforehand. All those who were heedless enough to think they could rebel against the system of Allah faced severe consequences.

It is no use knowing the principles of faith, but not applying them in one’s day-to-day life and relationships.

Lying, cheating and gossiping in the name of conciliation is a direct contradiction to faith and will lead one to die as an unbeliever even if he has spent his entire life praying and fasting. For such deeds are the direct result of denying Allah!

Please consider earnestly… Can one who has truly believed in Allah spend his time in gossip and the like? Such a faith is indeed questionable!

Only the foolish can engage in such inferior activity.

Humans have been created for knowledge, and knowledge is what listens and knowledge is what talks! Where there is lack of knowledge there is rumors. Only one without belief will have plenty of gossip to do. And only the water of belief can extinguish the fire of gossip.

Gossiping is such a provocative act that only those who seek the wrath of Allah will take part in it, lend an ear to it and resume it.

May Allah ease for us all the way of the Rasul (saw) through intellect and real faith.



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