We all seem to think the Antichrist is a one-eyed man that will come at the end of times, not realizing we are all prone to encountering this destructive energy in our day to day lives!

The Antichrist is the material world that distracts us from Allah and our vicegerency. To use our brain for the pleasures of the world is to choose the paradise of the Antichrist, while to prepare for the afterlife, to live for the sake of Allah and to experience the reality of vicegerency, is to choose the hell of the Antichrist.

Both belief and non-belief forms an outlook on life that enables a certain way of evaluation, which leads to a certain way of acting and naturally brings about certain results.

Let us remember the hadith:

“Allah created some for paradise… Allah created some for hell… The Pen has dried… Each person will be guided to achieve what has been written for him!”

So my friends, all forms of faith, besides faith in Allah as disclosed by the Rasul of Allah (saw), are based on obligatory actions driven by expectations for the afterlife.

By applying these, the person claims to be displaying the deeds of a Muslim, but according to the Quran they have not yet believed!

Those whose beliefs are in the scope of the letter B and who naturally live the requisites of their vicegerency ‘for the sake of Allah’ are the true believers. They are also of different levels, the lowest of which is called the ‘peaceful/contented self’ (nafs-i mutmainnah).

Everyone is steadily advancing toward their own creational purpose, whether conscious of it or not! Some of us plant rose seeds and some of us plant thistle seeds; some of us expect roses to grow from thistle seeds despite having been averred to the contrary!

There is no room for excuses in the system of Allah; each will automatically live the consequences of their deeds and evaluations.

If the thoughts of future are making us suffer today, then we are bound to suffer in the future.

Those who can’t evaluate the reality of intercession have no right to have any expectations!




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