Salat is invalid without the Fatiha, because Fatiha is the key to this introspective turning. Turning to Allah begins with contemplation upon the meaning of the Fatiha. Whether you recite it in Arabic or another language, if you read it without knowing its meaning, it is no different to a parrot repeating it! Just like one who says ‘honey, honey’ over and over again, but has never actually tasted it and is deprived of its benefits. The point is to taste it, experience it, live it! Not repeat it!

Moving on…

We talked about reading the spirit of the Quran, but people thought I was referring to something else, like having a body and then also having a separate spirit.

We talked about ‘reading’ the Rasul of Allah (saw) and how evaluation in light of this type of reading can lead to accurate results, but people thought I was referring to uniting with the spirit of the Rasul (saw) and reading hadith!

Do we not need to inquire into the reasons of the teachings brought by the Quran and the Rasul of Allah (saw) to attain the secrets and wisdom they contain?

Why did such teachings come? For what purpose? What are we being asked to realize?

In short…

If you are capable of believing, believe. Then, immediately begin to question and research so you may reach the wisdoms therein.

Think about the reason and purpose behind your actions lest you become an imitator!

He who has been so destined will stop imitating and start authenticating!

He who isn’t, will only squander away his life with rumors!



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