My understanding is, one must first be eligible for intercession via the permission coming from one’s essence. Then one must be cleansed from his external veils, and then stop doing wrong to himself, his consciousness or his essential reality.

So long as you prevent yourself from experiencing your essential reality, you are wronging yourself.

Especially if you know this truth but refrain from sharing it with your close ones, you’re doing the biggest wrong to your closest and dearest!

I want to, but it doesn’t seem to work!

Why not?

You can’t buy cake from a plumber or shoes from a computer store!

Satan became ‘Iblis’ after judging Adam based on his looks! If he had been able to evaluate Adam based on his knowledge and essence, this play wasn’t going to take place!

We’ve been created solely for the sake of knowledge!

Allah placed knowledge behind fire so the coward who fears the process of cleansing through burning does not come near it and thus only those who deserve it can attain it…

Those who surpass the fear of burning away their ego identities and dive into this fire will go through hell on the right side of the Antichrist and enter the heaven of knowledge and gnosis. But those who can’t overcome their fear cannot pass through this fire and thus can’t reach knowledge and gnosis. Fear must be relinquished!

So, have we rid ourselves from hidden duality? Let our conscience give the answer!

Have we understood that the One whose name is Allah is not a god; have we at least believed it? Are we able to see and hear Him at all times and everywhere? Are we conscious of the fact we are constantly engaged in a dialogue with Him?

To attain intercession, we must first not reject what is being offered to us!

Intercession is to be freed from hell, and hell can take place not only in the hereafter but also in this world!

Intercession is to unite with Allah, which can only happen via finding a sage, one through whom the knowledge of Allah has become manifest, and by duly following his path!

Intercession is to remove the ignorance, which leads one to persistently make mistakes, and to give knowledge!

Such is intercession of the Nabi, the Rasul and the saints.

With this knowledge, a person can cleanse himself and be saved from suffering. And by living its requisites (both internally and externally), he can unite with Allah at the level of consciousness!

So, first the Allah in your essence, rather than the god beyond you, has to give permission, in order for you to become eligible and open for intercession!

Then, you can evaluate that knowledge, which itself is an intercession, and cleanse yourself by complying with it.

Then the hidden duality will end and you will unite with Allah,

This is pretty much how I answered this question yesterday. Thinking about this topic in depth, debating and understanding means the door to intercession has opened, I hope!

Forgive me if I’ve made any mistakes.

I leave you alone with your conscience.

“Sufficient for you is your individual consciousness at this stage to discern the consequences of your actions.”[1]


31 January 1998

New Jersey


[1] Quran 17:14

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