Salam is rippled out from the Reality of Muhamamd in the person’s essence to all the righteous ones who fulfill their servitude; those who have rid themselves of their egos!

“May salam be upon us and all the righteous ones who fulfill their servitude!”

And thus the ascension of the person takes place.


If the effect of this experience is carried to all times, then the person is said to be in a state of constant salat and constant observation… May Allah guide us to this state.

However, regardless of the depth and level of salat, one must never abandon the physical application of it. Just as we don’t stop eating for this reason or other, we must also not stop praying for any reason. The physical application of salat is different, the spiritual aspect of it different, each has its own set of benefits. Just as we have different conditions that affect our body and consciousness, we’re going to have a body and consciousness in all states of the life after, and so neglecting the needs of either one will result in consequences both here and in the life after death.

One who isn’t a gnostic, one who can’t read in the light of the letter B is generally veiled from the external with the light of unveiling. That is, the secrets that are unveiled to them blind them from seeing the external realities. Thus, they need to take the intimates of the reality in the past as examples and follow in their footsteps if they don’t want to deviate from the truth and reach the path of gnosis. Otherwise, they can get locked into one observation and become deprived of the infinite gnosis that lies beyond it.

I hope I’ve been able to explain the meaning of “and who establish prayer”…

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