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Allah is Not Composed Of Parts

“But they attributed a portion of His servants to Him (denied His Absolute Oneness and assuming Him to be made up of parts, claimed He had a son)... Indeed, man is clearly ungrateful![1]


This verse highlights one of the most crucial truths in regards to the concept of the Oneness of ‘Allah’.

Far from the teachings of Muhammad (saw) and unaware of the enormous difference between ‘pantheism’ and the ‘Oneness’ of Islam, some think Allah is a god externally present somewhere in space and that certain beings are ‘parts’ of Him or that Allah incarnates as people.

This misunderstanding is totally out of the failure to grasp the essence of the Quran.

The reality denoted by the verse above is clear:

Some ascribe ‘portions’ or ‘parts’ to Allah, yet Allah is far and free from this concept. This very idea goes against the reality denoted by the name Allah; it is invalid and unacceptable, because Allah is ONE. This Oneness is not a whole composed of parts. Because Allah is an infinite existence, an ‘other’ outside Allah is not possible; therefore, the idea of another ‘part’ or ‘portion’ is completely obsolete.

We must understand this well, my friends…

If Allah was subject to space and locality, then we could claim at some point Allah ends and an ‘other’ begins, or that parts exist inside or outside Allah. But since Allah is a single whole and One (Wahid’ul Ahad), at least if this is what we believe, then it is only logical to deduce that the Oneness of Allah completely nullifies the idea of a ‘part,’ whether it be a part of Allah or outside of Allah!

Let us remember the verse:

“Say, ‘Allah is Ahad (One)’…”[2]

More on this topic can be found in Muhammad’s Allah. Let’s now touch on another important topic…

[1] Quran 43:15

[2] Quran 112:1

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