Dear thinking minds…

In this book I hope to present you with a totally unique perspective. As the title suggests, I’m going to explore ‘what Muhammad (saw) read’ – not literally, but actually.

As known, Muhammad retreated to a cave at the top of Mount Hira after a series of events he experienced over a period of two years. It was at this time the angel Gabriel (as) appeared to him and told him:


But he wasn’t given a written text to read!

Muhammad (saw) told the angel Gabriel, “I’m not of those who can read; I can’t read…”

But, again he was told to “READ”.

Since there was no paper or parchment or any other form of written text he could read, clearly this wasn’t about the kind of reading that we know of!

From this we can deduce that the concept of being ‘illiterate’ does not mean the inability to read, as commonly known.

So, what does it mean to be illiterate or unlettered?

Who are the unlettered?

How can one avoid being illiterate?

Was Muhammad (saw), who couldn’t read because he was unlettered, still regarded as unlettered after he obeyed the command ‘READ’?

Dear thinking minds…

In this book I shall try to explain the answers to these questions, as much as my observations allow, and without overly disturbing our friends who’d rather accept what has been narrated to them without too much thought…

Surely, everything I write is within the scope of the knowledge and observation my Rabb has bestowed me and surely beyond everyone that knows there are those who know more.

If I could aid my friends to take one step further in terms of knowledge, I will be thankful to my Rabb for enabling me with this opportunity.

I hope and pray that Allah allows us to constantly rise higher on the infinite steps of knowledge and to apply this knowledge in our day-to-day lives.

So, join me in exploring the secrets of the universe and discovering what Muhammad (saw) read…


Ahmed Hulusi

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