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Thinking in Light Of Scientific Data

It is now definite that the universe is an ocean of infinite waves and man is only able to perceive a very tiny section of this, due to his five senses. Thus, it’s not possible to talk about ‘the’ universe in the absolute sense, only ‘one’s individual’ universe in the relative sense.

So, in sight of this hard to digest reality, what does man need to do?

Determine the reality of himself and his dimension, as best as he can, in light of scientific data, while coping with the limitations brought about by the five senses… But this is where the problem begins…

No matter how much technology advances, the brain is bound to evaluate with the five senses, which means, beyond what is perceived, there are countless dimensions and in those dimensions there are innumerous values, and with those values, infinite species and forms of life!

So, when we look from a scientific perspective, we can see that, outside the scope of what we perceive to be matter, are countless other forms of life, which according to their dimension of life, are also forms of ‘matter’.

Could it be that the entire existence is ethereal and only our dimension of life is material? Does the universe consist of dimensions that are made of matter and those that are not matter? Do living beings exist only in the material dimensions?

Science shows us that every level of existence, from the cosmological systems at the macrocosmic plane to the microcosmic muons and quants, is a compositional structure that leads to the creation of one another. Each of these levels of existence is material in its own scope; thus, in actuality, ‘matter’ and ‘non-matter’ aren’t two different concepts, but completely relative and subject to change according to the observer.

For those whose perception is a few degrees higher than ours, our world may be ‘beyond-matter,’ while for those whose perception is a few degrees lower than ours, our world may not even exist.

When we can see that a cell or bacteria in our body isn’t even aware of us, when we have such an example in front of us, how can we possibly think other living-conscious beings do not exist?

As far as we can perceive, whether it be in terms of wave composition or quant composition, realistic thinking brings us to the conclusion there are infinite numbers of living conscious beings in the universe… But, because we haven’t been able to rid ourselves from the conditionings of matter and materialism spawned from the prematurity of the 19th century, we haven’t been able to adopt the system of modern thought. This prevents us from making a leap into the realities and true values of the universe, confining us to resolve and evaluate everything on the restricted platform of matter.

We must know and understand without any doubt that every compositional being ranging from quants to what we have come to call matter, the realm of the five senses, to the levels of higher matter, has an individual consciousness and values. If we accept this truth and continue to research into this field, we may obtain the opportunity to communicate with these conscious units of existence. Denial, the expression of narrow-mindedness, will result in nothing more than blinded consciousness.

One who thinks expansively and comprehensively is one who thinks scientifically, rather than opting for denial.

The reality of life after death is based on the ethereal makeup of consciousness, which takes form at every level of existence according to its compositional structure, for consciousness is derived not from matter but from the universal origin that comprises matter. Universal consciousness, which takes form as the body and the brain in this dimension of life, will simply take another form, either lower or higher, after death, and thus continue its existence indefinitely…

So, in light of all of this, how much can our horizon of thought transcend the plane of matter and delve into the dimensional depths beyond what we perceive to be material…?

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