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Why Allah isn’t A God

The word god is generally used in reference to a deity, typically one that is external, far and beyond.

The word Allah, on the other hand, is a name that references an infinite existence, one that is described with various qualities and attributes – though eventually all of them are descriptions in terms of the qualities they denote.

For example, the name Hulusi is a reference to me, it is my name. It cannot be translated into another language. Likewise, the name Allah is a name and thus cannot be translated into another language.

While words like ‘god’ evoke concepts of deities and godhood, the word Allah is a name that references a special existence and does not in any way denote godhood.

It is out of ignorance and lack of comprehension that people replace the word Allah with the word god.


Thus, when Allah is a name that references such an infinite existence that even the concept of an ‘other’ is not applicable, using words like ‘god’ not only suggests limitation, but also fragmentation and duality!


As the following verses warn:


“Do not form another god (in your head) besides Allah! Otherwise (as a result of your duality) you will be degraded and isolated!”[1]


“Do not turn to (assume the existence of) a god (exterior manifestations of power or your illusory self) besides Allah. For there is no god, only HU! Everything (in respect of its ‘thing’ness) is inexistent, only the face of HU (only that which pertains to the Absolute Reality) exists!”[2]


That is, when Allah is the All-encompassing Absolute Existence whose presence is in every iota of the perceivable and unperceivable worlds, do not fall into ignorance and assume Allah is a deity that exists far and beyond you! For this kind of projection will only lead you away from the reality of Allah and to deification and duality!

As a result, you will become deprived of the reality of ‘unity’ in the Quran, and thus commit the greatest wrong to yourself!


“Assuredly, duality is a great wrongdoing!”[3]

[1] Quran 17:22

[2] Quran 28:88

[3] Quran 31:13

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