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Reading The System

To live peacefully and benefit maximally from one’s environment, one needs to know the conditions and lifestyle of the area in which one resides. Based on this, one can take the necessary precautions and protect oneself from any possible danger and attain favorable outcomes. So, at a most basic level, this is why it is necessary to decipher and comprehend the mechanics of the system, to READ it.

Even though Muhammad (saw) was endowed with the capacity to READ by his creation, the fact he couldn’t yet activate this capability caused him much distress and drove him to retreat at Mount Hira.

The ‘natural system of Allah’ was generally conceived as:

You’re born from random parents, you live your life to meet the necessities of the body (food, drink, sexuality, etc.) and then you leave everything behind and go.

On the other hand…

Does life continue after death?

Is there a god that controls and administers things from afar?

Do we have to give account for the things we did in this world?

If so, who is going to call us to account? A god in space, perhaps?

If such a god existed, where is he? How is he? How great is he?

Why did he create us in the first place? If he is free of need, why did he feel the need to create us?

Surely we couldn’t be alone in the universe, the jinn also exist! How did we coexist with them? At which point could they affect us, if they can? And to what extent?

Such questions engaged the minds of the people back in those days, too…

The concept of god was clearly the pivotal point of all these questions.

What was it, where was it and how was it? Did it exist or not? Was it one or many?

Muhammad (saw) was probably also overwhelmed by such questions when he encountered the acclaimed amazing experience where Gabriel contacted him and told him to read the system using the divine power and knowledge already present within him.

For 23 years, Gabriel revealed the religion, that is, the system, to Muhammad.

Religion, in the sight of Allah, is Islam.

But what is Islam?

It is the natural disposition (fitrah)!

What is the natural disposition of the system?

We must first understand what religion is before we get to the natural disposition of the system.

Religion begins with understanding the reality denoted by the name Allah.[1]

It’s important to understand the word religion and the system it references correctly and without contradiction. For this, a concise and comprehensive study of religion is necessary. This knowledge cannot be acquired from parents and Quran course instructors or those who’ve memorized the Quran but have no clue as to what it actually means. Otherwise, it will result in adverse situations.

What matters is to know why you need to do what and for what purpose, to acknowledge and understand the life after death and thus shape your current life accordingly.

Life after death is the biggest reality for mankind. If we don’t understand this, and prepare accordingly, we’ll be doing the greatest wrong to ourselves.

Whatever you may possess in this world, whatever your rank or title may be, eventually you’re going to be stripped away from all of it and placed among unknown forms of life with the power of your spirit and consciousness.

A wise person will use every opportunity to duly and adequately research and prepare for this arena. For nothing in existence can become nonexistent!

Despite the changes your body is subject to, there is a sense of ‘I’ inside, which is your consciousness, who is untouched and unaffected by it all. If this ‘I’ is unaffected by the changes of the body, then ‘consciousness’ is obviously not something physical. But it exists! Since nothing that exists can become nonexistent, then your individual consciousness (what was defined as the heart in old religious texts), your sense of self, is not going to be lost or become nonexistent once the function of the body becomes invalidated through death.

So then, what kind of a life is awaiting you…? Have you ever considered this?

This is what religion is concerned about and any individual who contemplates will inevitably have to consider these truths at some point in their life.

But let us first realize and comprehend the truth that there is no room for emotionality in nature!

The magnificent mechanism of Allah functions with all its might and without the interruption of emotions!

Thus, there is no room for excuses after death. Each will automatically live the consequences of their own deeds.

[1] Refer to Muhammad’s Allah for further information.

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