Moses taught him how to supplicate and pray and went on his way…

As he was walking away thinking about the state of the shepherd he heard him calling out, “Moses! Moses!” When he turned around he saw the shepherd walking on water towards him…. At this point it is revealed to Moses: “O Moses, you separated My friend from Me who had turned to Me with his whole being, who had no other thought other than Me, you built great walls between us! Immediately destroy the walls you built and unite Me with My friend again!”

Moses learnt his lesson and realized that, just as Allah manifests Himself with all His might and awe to some, to some He manifests as sincerity and purity…

So he turned to the shepherd and says, “Forget about what I told you, keep doing what you’ve been doing, turn to Him and talk to Him as you always did! He’s closer to you than you are to yourself!”


Either we’re going to praise Him like the poor shepherd or be realistic and say, “Hamd belongs to Allah, we’re impotent in this area!” and realize our ‘nothingness’ and know our place. Allah does not like the transgressors.

In short, hamd is an act that belongs to Allah. And He is free from a partner.

The Quran warns us with the first verses of the Fatiha:

“Be sound in your judgment and do not think of Him as a simple heavenly god, praising and exalting Him to win His favor. You’re impotent from duly appraising Him. Only Allah can evaluate and do hamd to Allah. What befits you is to realize your inadequacy in this area and know your place!”


We’ve also been warned by Abu Bakr (ra), whose degree in the sight of the Rasul is well known:


“To comprehend Allah is to comprehend that He is incomprehensible!”


The ultimate truth Islam underlines is that the only absolute existence is the infinite limitless Oneness, and nothing exists besides It!

Everything that we perceive and that is perceived by all forms of creation is assumed compositions of the meanings of His Names.

This being the case, one is left with nothing else to say other than, “Hamd belongs to Allah,” which, as the qualified would know, is quite a noble state!

It is the state of observing Allah with Him from your state of nothingness!

Yes, hamd belongs to Allah, it is His right, only He can do hamd, it is under Allah’s administration, only He can evaluate, because only Allah exists, there is nothing other than Him in existence… He who knows this knows this, he who doesn’t, knows nothing!


Moving on to the next phrase:


The Rabb (the absolute source of the infinite meanings of the Names) of the worlds (the universe created within the brain of every individual)


The word Rabb essentially means ‘tame’, here it’s been used as ‘the one who tames’ and the act of taming is known as ‘Rububiyyah’…

To tame is to guide something level by level to its point of perfection…

Rabb is one who prepares, develops and matures all forms of creation to ensure they actualize their creational purpose. In short, it is the one who manifests the forms at their current state.

The properties of ‘Rabb’ are the Names of Allah. That is, Rububiyyah is comprised of the Names of Allah.

Everything we can or can’t perceive is created and continues its existence with the Names of Allah – which is the very taming of the Rabb.

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