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How Closely Can A Name Define The One That is Named?

Here I’d like to draw your attention to another important point…

A name is a reference to something; we use names as tags when we want to talk about or ponder on a particular thing.

As known, the word Allah is a name. Just as my name, Hulusi, doesn’t reveal anything about my character, so too the name Allah does not in any way reveal anything about the infinite existence referenced by it.

If one was to hear the word Allah for the first time, they might only know it is the name of a being, but they won’t in any way be informed about what kind of being it references, whether Allah is a god or something else…

When the Rasul (saw) told us about Allah he laid emphasis on the truth that it was not a reference to a god or a deity. When he said “your god is Allah,” he said this to clarify the fact that what we think and assume to be god is actually Allah.

To say “your god is Allah” does not in any way mean Allah is a god. On the contrary, it denotes the following:


“That which you think is god doesn’t exist, it isn’t real. There is no deity-god, there is only Allah. Thus, what you assume to be god is also Allah in disguise. The reality denoted by the word ‘Allah’, in terms of His qualities, has nothing to do with your assumed god. So, abandon your idea of an external deity-god and try to discern the reality denoted by the name Allah!”


Take a few minutes to ponder on the subject of the Earth and the Sun, which is 1,303,000 times greater than the Earth, and the 400 billion stars like the Sun comprising our galaxy and the billions of such galaxies comprising the universe that we perceive, and the innumerous universes within each other… And then a single point from which a single angle is projected, an angle within which all of the above is created… A single point, a single instance!

But there are infinite instances, points and angles that are formed by these points, and thus infinite universes within universes in the sight of the One called Allah!

Whatever a totem of one of the tribes in Africa means in the sight of the universe, that’s what people’s deity-god is in the sight of Allah!

How distant is the concept of “god” in today’s society to the infinite existence named Allah that Muhammad (saw) explained through the Quran?

The Quran has come for ‘humans’, those who have cleansed themselves from the filth of godhood and duality, who use their brain to contemplate so they may discern the reality of the One named Allah and shape their lives accordingly!

Earthlings, on the other hand, will continue to be herded like all other creatures on the Earth!

Indeed, Muhammad (saw) was free from the idea of god and duality, yet he still continued searching for the truth…

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