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Why A Clot Of Blood?

One may ask, “The above verses are in regard to knowledge and power endowed in one’s essence to enable their ability to read... This being the case, how is man’s creation ‘from a clot of blood’ related with this topic?"

In the first chapter I talked about man being a composition of divine Names, in the second chapter I covered the word ‘alaq’ and the transfer of this supremacy from one person to another through genetic data…

Though the word ‘alaq’ is generally translated as a clot of blood, it’s more correct to consider it as a group of developing cells containing all of the genetic data, for it is the meaning denoted by that word that matters!

If we evaluate the above verses in this light, the first five verses can be understood as:

Read! You were created to comprise the meanings referenced by the name of your Rabb and this supremacy pertaining to the dimension of meanings reaches you through genetic inheritance.

Read! Your Rabb is Akram. That is, he possesses an infinite wealth of meanings, and because of this, he has encoded these meanings in your brain with the cosmic pen… He manifests what man knows not in man’s makeup…

At this point, one may ask:

The word ‘allamal’ (taught) has always been translated as ‘to teach,’ how is it that you construe this as ‘programming one’s makeup’ or ‘manifesting through one’s constitution’?

It’s quite simple… Let’s remember the verse:


“And He taught (programmed) Adam (the name ‘Adam’ in the Quran references every single human, who in reality is nonexistent and has been created from a state of nothingness through the manifestation of a composition of Names) all of the Names (all knowledge pertaining to the Names and their manifestation).”[1]


This verse talks about the first creation of Adam, the point at which Adam has not yet become conscious… It is after this act of teaching Allah’s Names, (Adam being created in a way to manifest Allah’s Names) that consciousness comes about!

That is, the primary factor that enabled consciousness to Adam was the meanings of the Names of Allah endowed in his being during his creation. As a result of this endowment, Adam commenced his life as a conscious being or ‘nefsi natik’ on earth…

This is why it’s almost as if Gabriel is saying to Muhammad (saw):

“You are an individual of the human kind who has been created with the Names of Allah (the meanings pertaining to them). The supremacy of the Names has been transmitted to you through genetic means.

The brain has the quality and capability to understand these meanings, and to read the system and order of Allah.
So, read! You’ve been taught all of the meanings of the Names to inform you of what you don’t know, i.e. your brain has been programmed with it.

This programming has been done with the cosmic pen, i.e. angelic force. As a result of this, you know what you didn’t previously know and you can read what you previously couldn’t read!"

The ‘nur’ (light of knowledge) was sent to Muhammad’s brain by Gabriel, who is also a nur-based makeup, or in today’s language, the impulses sent to Muhammad’s brain by the radial being called Gabriel created a great sense of pressure in him and, as a result of this, the capacity that was activated in his brain manifested the supremacy of Nubuwwah

Notice that I use the word ‘manifest’ rather than saying it simply ‘happened’.

For, if the person doesn’t have this capacity by birth, influences that come later cannot activate the Nubuwwah capacity… Practices done later or skills that are acquired later cannot manifest the supremacy of sainthood (wilayah)…

Another important point to consider is: From which level or state to read?

The word used in the above verse, ‘BismiRab’ inevitably brings us to this point. As can be seen, the verse says in the name of your Rabb rather than Allah or Rahman… Since the Quran is the ‘word of Allah’ and thus it’s Hakeem, it follows that every word in the Quran has been used based on a wisdom, specifically selected to denote the meaning that is intended.

Unfortunately, however, most Quran translations do not heed this fine point and words that are far from the original have been used leading to different meanings…

The biggest example of this is the verse:


“And serve your Rabb until there comes to you yakeen[2]


If we look at other translations the word yakeen in this verse has generally been translated as death. Whereas, if death was intended the word ‘mawt’ would have been used instead. Generally, the word mawt is used to denote death! Death is only one type of certainty.[3]


If we really want to understand the Quran and attain the deeper meanings in it, we must definitely understand the words that have been used and why those specific words have been chosen for those verses instead of others.

[1] Quran 2:31

[2] Quran 15:99

[3] More information can be found on the meaning of the word yakeen in Gavsiye Aciklamasi (Turkish)

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