The order, determination, judgment of the Rabb is not subject to change! It will definitely be fulfilled!


“And to Him belongs whoever is in the heavens (conscious beings) and the earth (bodily beings). Thus, all are in a state of devout obedience to Him (in manifesting the qualities of His Names)...”[1]


If Allah has ordered that none is worshipped besides Him, which he has, then nothing, not a single unit of existence, can worship anything besides Him!

An eminent one in the past, one who has reached the essence, said:


“Because Allah has determined (kaza) that none be worshipped besides Him, He has created all things with His Names! Thus, whatever one may turn to in worship and servitude, he will always and inevitably be turning to Him!”


Thus, for whichever purpose the Fatir has programmed and created the heavens and the earth that is the purpose they will eventually fulfill – it is not possible for them not to!

Now, let’s go back to Abraham’s conscious act of turning to Allah:


“Certainly, I have turned my face (my consciousness) cleansed from the concept of a deity (Hanif), toward the Fatir (He who creates everything programmed according to its purpose)...”[2]


That is to say, “I have realized there is nothing, no object that can be accepted as a god-deity that I can deify and idolize! Therefore, I have turned with my consciousness to the Fatir One who has designed and created the heavens and the earth as He likes and whose administration is upon them at every instance…”


“As a Hanif”![3]


That is, with the consciousness that there is no god in the heavens and the earth to worship! With the consciousness that idols and deities are unacceptable! With the realization there is an infinite and limitless force that creates and administers the whole of existence, the entire universe, the system and order at every instance as He likes and thus there is no external god beyond to be worshipped!


“And I am not of the dualists!”[4]


That is, I am not of those who assume the existence of deities besides Allah, the Wahid’ul Ahad! While Allah is the Absolute existence, I am not of those who conceive the existence of external gods and thus fall into duality! To assume the existence of a god besides Allah is to assume the existence of a being in space or to accept the deification of those who claim to be gods, such the Pharaoh, Namrud and the Antichrist (dajjal), etc.

[1] Quran 30:26

[2] Quran 6:79

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