39. Az-Zumar

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. This knowledge has been dimensionally disclosed to your consciousness from Allah, the Aziz, the Hakim!

2. Indeed, We have revealed the knowledge to you in Truth (disclosed it from the dimension of Names comprising your essence)! So, live the religion with the awareness of your servitude to Allah (the absolute judge and sovereign of the system and order within existence)!

3. Pay heed, genuine religion (the absolute system and order) is for (the manifestation of the Names of) Allah! Those who befriend others besides Him (assuming they have divine qualities) say, “We only worship them so they may take us closer to Allah”... Indeed, Allah will judge between them regarding that over which they argue... Indeed, Allah does not guide to the reality those who lie and deny the Truth.

4. If Allah had willed to have a child, He would surely have chosen from His creation... He is Subhan! Allah is the Wahid, the Qahhar!

5. He brought into existence the heavens and the earth as the Truth (with the qualities of His Names) while they were inexistent! He turns the night into the day and the day into your night... It is He who has appointed functions to the Sun and the Moon... Each one traverses its own orbit for a specified term... Pay heed, HU is the Aziz, the Gaffar.

6. He created you from a single soul (referenced as the cosmic consciousness – the universal self – the reality of Muhammad – the angel denoted as the Spirit)! Then (based on the holographic principle) He created his partner (the body), then manifested for you from the livestock eight mates (controllable animalistic senses)... He creates you in the wombs of your mothers within three darknesses, (transforming you from one) creation (to another) creation. That is Allah, your Rabb; to Him belongs sovereignty (the manifestations of the qualities denoted by His Names)! There is no god; only HU! How can you not see the reality!

7. But if you cover the Truth (be ungrateful) (and do not evaluate your vicegerency [your ability to administer with the forces of the Names within your essence] on earth [the body] you will be curtained from your reality), indeed, Allah is Ghani from you! (Allah) is not pleased with his servants covering (their essential reality and being ungrateful to their essence)! If you are thankful (and evaluate) He will be accepting of you... No one can bear the burden of another! Then to your Rabb is your return! He will disclose to you the results of your deeds... Indeed, He is Aleem of what you contain inside (your consciousness) as its Absolute Essence (he knows all that you reveal and conceal in full).

8. And when adversity touches man (as grace, in order to cleanse and develop him), he turns to Him and prays to his Rabb... Then when (his Rabb) bestows on him a favor from Himself, he forgets he had prayed to Him before and attributes equals to Allah to mislead from His way... Say, “Live a little in your denial... Indeed, you are of the people of the fire!”

9. (Is this better or) one who experiences prostration in the part of the night and stands (with the Qayyum) preparing for the requisites of the eternal life to come (in a state of complete submission), in hope of the grace of his Rabb (the manifestations of the various qualities pertaining to the Names comprising his essential reality)? Say, “Can one who knows be equal to one who does not know? Only those with intellects that contemplate can discern this.”

10. Say, “O my servants who have believed, protect yourselves from your Rabb (for He will most definitely subject you to the consequences of all your deeds)! For those who do good in this world (whether believer or not)... The earth of Allah (the brain’s capacity to manifest the Names) is spacious... The reward of this will be given without account only to those who are patient.”

11. Say, “I have certainly been commanded to serve Allah without assuming any other agent in the system and order besides Him.”

12. “I have been commanded (created) to be the first of those who experience the awareness of their submission!”

13. Say, “Indeed, I fear the suffering of a tremendous time, if I rebel against my Rabb (if I ignore His absolute administration within my existence)!”

14. Say, “So let me serve Allah without attributing any other agent besides Him within His system and order...”

15. “And you worship what you will besides Him!” Say, “The truth is, the losers during Doomsday are those who mislead themselves (their own consciousness) and their people (their bodies)! Be careful! That is the very loss!”......

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