Isn’t the whole purpose and point of religion to teach us the divine laws that will enable our infinite bliss? 

What do we mean by bliss? 

To know your true self beyond the compositional conditioning and limitation. To attain this state, you must forego your natural inclinations driven by your compositional temperament and align yourself with the unlimited unrestricted meanings of the divine names. If you can do this you will overcome your compositional constriction and base your actions on the expansive nature of the divine names. 

These actions will then give direction to events rather than making you succumb to them.

Let’s say you encounter a situation that propels you to act in a way that is either ‘profitable’ in the material or worldly sense, or it is an action based on societal conditioning. 

For example, every time you see a friend you say “Hi”. This is an automatic output of your conditioning. Now change that “Hi” to “Assalamu alaikum” (Salam be upon you)!

Salam” means a state of emancipation from the restrictions of the bodily life and the experience of ‘certainty’ (yakeen). 

To be emancipated from the ‘self’ and the composition.

Salam is to swim in the ocean of meanings, to observe and experience them! This is only possible by knowing Allah. That is, when you say “Salam be upon you” you must be conscious of its meaning; you must consciously wish freedom and emancipation to your friend from the limits of his compositional identity.

When you do this not out of habit or conditioning but consciously then you are genuinely connecting with your friend and outputting a mindful, conscious behavior. Thus, you are no longer driven by events! Now you are in a position to give direction to events. Consciously! For everything that is done unconsciously is just an autopilot habitual output of your compositional programming….

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