Now we come to the second phase of the afterlife; the day of judgement or doomsday.

The second phase begins with the doomsday.

When is the doomsday?

None of the religious resources have provided specific information on this so it won’t be correct to make any claims here.

We know from various hadith that when the doomsday takes place all of the spirits of all of the people who have lived on earth will be resurrected with a new body befitting those conditions, they will all be gathered together, the angels will pull and bring hell, which will totally engulf the earth, and then a bridge will over hell form from the earth to heaven, those who can pass it will make it to paradise and those who can’t will be stuck in hell. 

Of course, this bridge isn’t like any other bridge! 

So what kind of a bridge will be formed?

The Rasul of Allah (saw) explained: 

 “…Then the bridge will be laid across Hell.”

The followers asked, “O Rasul of Allah! What is the bridge?’ He said,

“It is a slippery bridge on which there are clamps and hooks like thorns. If one hasn’t practiced salat then the hook for salat will come out and snatch him and throw him into hell and if he has incomplete fasting the hook for fasting will come out and snatch him and throw him into hell, he will suffer there for some time then will be released.”

This is a metaphoric expression!

Let me explain it like this:

After the second world war the Americans set up an air bridge, i.e. an air route to Berlin to supply food and clothing. Now when you say air bridge people immediately think of a literal bridge from America to Berlin. Obviously not! It is an air route connecting two places, making it possible for supplies to be transported. 

In the same way, when the Earth begins to be engulfed by the Sun people will begin to escape from hell using the powers they were able to gain while alive.

The Rasul of Allah (saw) explains this event as:

“Some of the believers will pass like lightning, some will pass like the wind, some will pass like swift horses, some will pass like fast camels, some will walk, some will crawl, and some will be thrown into Hell.” 

How else can you explain it 1500 years ago?

Everyone has a different level of spiritual strength, based on this, some will easily flee from the gravitational pull of the earth and some will have an extremely difficult time.

It is a scientific fact that at some point the Sun will become 400 times bigger than its current size and it will engulf Mercury, Venus, Mars and Earth. The surface of the sun is 6000-6500 degrees. The earth will melt away and evaporate!

What will happen if the earth goes into the sun?

Will it liquify?

In one hadith the Rasul of Allah (saw) says:

“When the earth falls into hell it will melt and evaporate like a drop of water.”

The size of the sun today is 1,303,000 times bigger than earth! On that day it will be 400 million times bigger! 

Will the earth not be like a drop of water then?

Those who have attained enough power to escape the magnetic pull of the earth will try to help those with lesser power, but those who haven’t done anything to gain any strength will forever remain in the Sun.

Can this really be true?

What we call the black holes in space today are extremely powerful stars. They are the size of the Moon yet the strength of their vacuum is such that they can even easily pull Jupiter or even bigger stars like the Sun within themselves, engulf them, digest them and make them disappear! Just like that!

Similarly, spirits who get stuck inside this horrific place called hell will forever be imprisoned inside!

If one fails to attain certain spiritual powers while on earth he will have no chance of escaping it. Ever.

If one can escape hell however…

By the way I’m not going into ‘resurrection’ here, that is another topic on its own…

If one can pass through and escape hell he will go to heaven…

The person with the lowest status in heaven will be given a planet 10 times bigger than this earth, according to hadith.

That is the smallest of stars in space… perhaps it is even bigger but the Rasul of Allah refrained from saying it lest it be taken as exaggeration.

The Rasul of Allah (saw) was not able to express the real extent of suffering of hell. The little that he did reveal was enough to make many extremely afraid and claim “it can’t be true!” 

Had he revealed the actual reality of it, nobody would have believed him.

It is a lot scarier than we assume!

There is no death in hell!

There is no death for anyone in the afterlife… There is no such thing as becoming non-existent!

Because your essential existence is your spirit. And your magnetic body can’t become non-existent. It may densify, it may become injured, it may change but it can never become non-existent!

For the essence of the composition is the radial body! It is a holographic wave structure which can’t be destroyed!

This is like when you die in your dream but then you live again, you can die and live many times in your dream because the energy body can’t really die, death is inapplicable and invalid here. 

Hence those in hell will experience dying again and again but they will keep on living!

This is why the verse says, “For them awaits an infinite painful suffering.”

On the contrary, those who go to heaven, to the other stars within the dimensional depths of the universe, will find within themselves certain powers (based on the divine names) with which they will be able to manifest the meanings of the divine names, something that isn’t really possible in this world!

In this world you have a dense physical body which makes it difficult to manifest your every thought and desire!

But in heaven you will have an ethereal body through which you can actualize all of your thought at once! And since those who go to heaven will also live forever, their joy and euphoria in paradise will also be infinite. 

This is the afterlife in a nutshell!

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