The “Mahdi”

Albeit for centuries certain hadiths regarding the “mahdi” (messiah) were construed incorrectly, unfortunately in modern times, they are still being misinterpreted as though we are awaiting a messiah on a white horse with a sword in his hand to descend from the heavens and miraculously change the governmental regimes, make the poor rich, and establish ultimate peace on earth.

Can such a powerful person really exist? If so, how can he take down Israel, who is supported by the USA, the hub of space technology? Can his magic sword really change the existing systems? Can he make Islam the ultimate regime on earth? 

I’m not sure…!

Can such powers, which were not given to Muhammad (saw) the most beloved person to have ever come to Earth, be given to him?

I’m not sure…!

While the great majority of the societies hold worldly values higher than the values of the afterlife, don’t really understand the realities of the afterlife and only engage in certain practices out of ‘custom’ and societal conditioning, I highly doubt the coming of a mahdi on a white horse!

Countless highly regarded saints and scholars in the past century have prophesized the coming of the Mahdi in the beginning of the century ahead of them, yet none of these prophecies have been fulfilled.

As a matter of fact, there are tell signs signaling it is not yet time, but somehow these are being overlooked.

The most common hadith regarding the Mahdi says while the Mahdi is on duty on Earth, Jesus (pbuh) will descend to the Earth. They will live together for some time. Meanwhile the Antichrist will appear and Jesus will kill him. 

The hadith says, Jesus (pbuh) will return “While an imam that is of you is your leader…”

This suggests that at this time the majority will have accepted the religion of Islam and will be fulfilling its requisites.

Whereas there isn’t such a population on Earth today in favor of an Islamic regime where the principles of Islam are practiced, hence a leader from amongst such a population cannot arrive. 

The Rasul of Allah (saw) spent his life in pursuit of enabling the discernment of the truths and aiding people to prepare for and save their afterlives.

What is incumbent on us is to warn the people around us about life after death, to encourage them to take the necessary precautions, and share our knowledge in a way they understand. 

I presume when the Mahdi arrives – and he will arrive, based on hadiths – his mission will be to warn the people against the dangers awaiting ahead. Since he will be created with an advanced capacity, he will be successful in his mission. During a pilgrimage season, they will want him to reveal himself, after which an army will be sent from the Middle East to remove him but the army will be plunged under the earth. This is what the hadiths tell us!

The laws of Allah will never change! Thus, there will be no supernatural activity that will bring chaos to the masses! Until this noble person arrives (whether from Indonesia, Pakistan, Arabia or some other country) to explain and clarify the principles and purpose of the religion of Islam, we have certain responsibilities!

If we die before the Mahdi arrives surely we can’t say, “I was waiting for the Mahdi that’s why I couldn’t prepare”!

When his time comes the Mahdi will appear, accomplish his mission, and die!

But we are already here! And we don’t know when we will die! Perhaps very soon!

So, let us ask ourselves:

Do I know the realities of the afterlife and am I ready for them?

If our answer is ‘no’ then our priority should not be to wait for the Mahdi but to prepare ourselves for our afterlife!

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