I started this book with the words “I have penned this book for brains that can think”…

I don’t know if I was able to encourage you to think and contemplate throughout this book… But I’m sure you may have found some of the topics I shared controversial or contrary to your previous knowledge. Perhaps you are still denying or refusing to accept some of the things you’ve read here. 

Put aside your denial just for a moment and think…

Put aside your conditioning and objectively evaluate the things you’ve read.


If you were born and raised near The Ganges were you going to dive into and sanctify this river that is severely threatened by pollution and sewage in the name of the goddess Ganga? Or if you were born into an Algonquian group would you be dancing around a totem with an axe in your hand and leaves around your waste glorifying the Sacred Spirit of Manitou?

Good thing you’re here today!

I have tried to explain the entire system of man in this book. The scope of this topic far surpasses the limits of a book, however, even this much I know, is going to weigh heavy on brains that are tired, foggy, and not accustomed to thinking outside its box.

In the past the enlightened ones said, “the entire world is just a dream”! The pantheistic thought based on the dark materialist approach of the 19th century is now beginning to disappear.

In the sight of a brain that contemplates, the universe has literally and scientifically shown itself to be an illusion. Yet such a dream that those stuck inside it are forever going to experience it as though it is real. 

Religion, through Sufism has addressed all issues. Yet the masses who don’t know what Sufism is about are deprived of this blessing! Some Western philosophers have taken bits and crumbs of these realities and have enthroned them, while sadly the Muslims are not even aware of the treasure they are sitting on!

Initially this book was going to be named ‘Man and Sufism’ however without knowledge on the world and the relationship between man and the world I did not find it appropriate to delve into the depths of Sufism. Rather, in this book I focused on the formation of man, the effects that influence him, and the future that is awaiting him. I aimed at emphasizing on the importance of the brain and tried to elucidate the importance of conceiving the religious laws not as arbitrary but as obligatory practices comprising the mechanism of the function of life!

If I have been able to show the difference between the concept of an external god beyond and ‘Allah that is within your very existence’, even to some extent, I would be sincerely grateful.  

If I’ve been a cause for people to consider, research, debate about these topics and uplift them from the stale state of their simple daily activities to a higher level of contemplation and consciousness then I would consider myself blessed. 


Ahmed Hulusi 

17. 10. 1986 


60 / 60

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