FAQ on Fate

Question 1 

− If my fate is predetermined, and what will be will be, and what won’t be can’t ever be, then why should I strive for anything, I’ll just sit and do nothing!?

Answer 1 

− If you’ve been created to sit and do nothing then you may go ahead and do so. Otherwise, whatever you’ve been created for, that will be facilitated for you and you’ll naturally be drawn to it.


Question 2 

− If Allah had preordained Hell for me and has facilitated the deeds of Hell for me, how is this my fault?

Answer 2 

− The Sovereign One may rule and administer His sovereignty however He desires. Just as you have full right over your property and none has the right to intervene in your discretion, Allah is the Absolute owner of the universe and has absolute right to do whatever He likes, without being constricted or limited by any condition.


Question 3 

− Is Allah “making” me do this by force?

Answer 3a 

− Allah is al-Jabbar, He does as He likes and none has the right to question that!

Answer 3b 

− Essentially Allah doesn’t make you do anything. Because you don’t even exist. You are merely a name. You are a virtual reality formed by the five senses. You are a relative illusory being. If we were to examine you at the cellular level you are a mass of a countless number of cells. At the level of light, you’re beams of colors… In respect of your brain structure and programming you’re a cosmic robot programmed to fulfill particular functions. And yet together with all of this, in respect of your essence, you carry within you all of the infinite qualities of the universe!


Question 4 

− If I don’t have a separate existence and if there is nothing other than the One, why should Hell exist and why should I be subject to suffering?

Answer 4 

− You don’t have a separate being right now either yet you are constantly going from one state of suffering to another. Just as there are physical and psychological sufferings now, it will be the same in the hereafter. 


Question 5 

− If my fate is predetermined then I’m not going to pray or engage in any spiritual practice. If I am destined to go to heaven I’ll go to heaven, and if I’m destined to go to hell I’ll go to hell anyway!

Answer 5 

− Allah facilitates for the people of paradise, the deeds of paradise, and for the people of hell, the deeds of hell. Whichever you’ve been created for, its deeds will seem easier and more attractive to you. You will be naturally drawn to engaging in the deeds of whichever one you’ve been created for.


Question 6

− Prayer can prevent misfortune. Isn’t this changing fate?

Answer 6

− The prayer to prevent misfortune is also predetermined and is a part of your fate! 


Question 7 

− Do I not have any will power then?

Answer 7a 

− Neither the Quran nor the hadiths, as far as we know, mentions willpower!

Answer 7b 

− Since your being is entirely from His being, it is His will that is in effect at every level, and He is the possessor of Absolute Will. If he wills to remove the veil that covers your insight you will see that everything you think you own belongs to Him! Willpower is the Absolute Divine Will manifesting through the person. They are one and the same! Existence is One! 


Question 8

− So then all of my shortcoming, mistakes, and faults belong to Him!? 

Answer 8 

− These are relative qualities based on the illusory being you have identified with. In reality there is neither a “you” nor any inadequacy, shortcoming, or anything faulty!


Question 9

− How about the contemptible things? Are they also Him?

Answer 9 

− For the eye that perceives contempt, the contemptible things are not Him. For those with insight, nothing is perceived as contemptible anyway. Their brains don’t depend on their sight. Their sight depends on their brains!

From the inferior level of having their “thoughts defined by their sight”, they have elevated to having their “sight defined by their thoughts” and hence have realized that there is nothing in existence other than the One!


Question 10

− I don’t’ understand most of what you’re saying but I don’t feel like refusing them either, what shall I do?

Answer 10 

− Learn! There is no limit to learning! Research and find the truth from whoever and whatever source possible. Until doomsday knowledge is attainable. Always research from the source. Follow the recommendations of the Rasul of Allah (saw) and examine their deeper meaning with knowledge. If Allah has willed good for a person he will give him an understanding in religion. Always seek wisdom and truth and don’t waste your time with gossip.

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