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Islam Is Not Outdated; It Is Timeless…

Another common misconception…

To think of religion as a set of rules put by the Rasul of Allah (saw) for the sole purpose of establishing peace and order among the people…

To think of religion as a social order!!!

Allah exists but He is a universal force. He is the infinite force that created the universe and everything within it. Nothing on earth is His concern. It means nothing to Him whether people go to hell or heaven. He does not talk to anyone. 

The Nabis and Rasuls are geniuses who have come to bring peace and order to the people. They’ve established principles and laws based on the times to which they came. These laws address the primitive people of that age. Ablution, for example, came to the people who lived in the desert, so that they may keep clean among all the dust and dirt, and salat came to encourage them to move and to do gymnastics, while fasting came to prevent gluttonous and unhealthy lifestyle!

In short, yes Allah exists, but He has not sent any religion. Prophets brought about certain beneficial practices but none of these are valid today after 1400 years. Modern and civilized man can determine these for himself now...

And many other similar absurdities…

This picture is the sad outcome of being deprived of foresight, science, the ability to observe things from a wide lens and not knowing the reality of man. 

They are those described as:

“They have brains; yet they do not think (contemplate)!”

The hardest thing in life is to force such primitive brains to think and cognize the truth!

These people must first become aware of the make-up of the universe. 

Then, they must learn about the make-up of man, and its mechanics. Then the Earth, and its end. Then the outcome of a person who is addicted to the world. Then the formation of man’s spirit, and the conditions of life without a body. After all of this, they must learn about the practices they must adopt to save their spirit. 

Then they must understand the scientific background of the messages of the Rasul of Allah (saw) and finally how these truths are explained in the Quran though metaphors. 

To be able to explain all of this you must first learn it for yourself!

I have tried, to the best of my ability, to outline the main topics in this book without going into too much detail. Surely there is so much more than what I have covered here. In the past, most of these truths were revealed through self-discovery and spiritual unveiling and explained with metaphors, due to the limitation of their time. With the grace and blessing of Allah I have been shown many realities, some of which there is no possibility for me to share as the level of knowledge and science is still very inadequate!

Allah willing, with scientific advancements in the future I may be able to explain them…

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