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Regarding the Angels

Why is it so important to have faith in the angels? Why is it included among the six pillars of faith?

Faith in Allah, His Rasul (saw), and the Quran are completely understandable; they are the means by which we are notified of the divine laws.

But angels? Do we ever see an angel in our life? No!

Is it possible to see an angel? Can it talk to us? No!

So, what’s the deal with having faith in angels, what does it matter if we know and accept them or we don’t? Why is it one of the pillars of faith? It is even included in the “Amantu”! Why is it so necessary to have faith in them?

The word “malaiqah” is plural, its origin comes from the word “malq” which means “force”!

Angels are the divine forces of Allah, they are like transmitters of divine power, every force carries a meaning! 

Just as you accept the existence of Allah, it is evident that existence is a manifestation of certain “forces”. 

When you produce something, a potential force is transformed into action. When it is in the state of a force, it may not be observable, but it is present in your essence.

Observing it is possible via manifestation…

Divine forces are also observed at the level of acts. In other words, observation of the dimension of names and acts is possible through the “divine forces” i.e. the angels…

For example, what we call “radiation” is a meaning present in a star which reaches Earth as cosmic radial rays… In the past they used to describe this as “laws being carried down from the 3rd or the 7th sky.”

Thus, recognizing these divine forces is a step towards knowing one’s self…

Due to this, one must accept and confirm the presence of these divine forces, so that he may recognize and know them in order to be able use and administer them with the power of Allah.

How can you accept something you don’t know?

You must know and accept it first so that you can begin to administer it!

And when you do, it will be the administration of Allah, not the servant.

Hence the necessity of having faith in the angels is on account of the angels comprising the divine forces!

It is through these angelic forces that the meanings of the divine names transform from the state of pure potential into activity. Hence to deny the angels is to deny the meanings of Allah!

On the other hand, it is said that angels are the mediators between the servant and Allah.

Isn’t a servant a manifest composition at the level of acts?

And isn’t Allah the absolute essence? So then the relation of the stages between these two points are implemented with these forces.

Your ascension from the level of acts to the level of the names is possible via angelic forces!

As a matter of fact, during “Ascension” the Rasul of Allah (saw) was accompanied by an angel.

But only up to a particular point! After that the angelic forces can go no further. For they have emerged at the level of the names. So, at the level of names the angelic forces must be abandoned before moving on to the level of attributes.

Angelic forces take various names as the divine names become manifest.

In other words, every angel, or all of the angelic forces derive their power from a divine name.

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