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How to Approach the Topic of Fate

For he who has insight there is no difference between the mystery of unity and the mystery of fate!

For he who wants to see the reality, there is no mystery!

For those to whom this knowledge has been eased, it is very simple:

Allah willed and desired to manifest His infinite meanings.

With His attribute of Power, He manifested the meanings that He chose with His attribute of Knowledge.

Essentially everything took place at the level of knowledge.

Later, that which transpired at the level of knowledge, was transformed from force (energy) into action. The essence of existence is the meanings of the divine names and attributes.

The infinite compositions of these infinite names have brought about infinite manifestations, all of which exist and subsist with His existence.

Let us understand this well:

Just as you can choose to make a hat or a shoe with the same piece of leather, and just as your foot does not say, “Why couldn’t I be an eye?” nothing has the right to question its existence. 

And if they do? If a virus inside a cell in your body was in complete rebellion or complete submission to you, what would that mean to you? 

Fate, in essence, tell us that all things are within the knowledge, will and power of the ONE. 

The Unity of Existence that Sufism teaches also tells us that there is no “multiplicity” in existence but rather the multiple forms of manifestation of the SINGLE existence. 

Both convey the same message!

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