Question 11

− I don’t get what you’re saying.

Answer 11 

− Then just follow the recommendations of Rasulullah (saw) and don’t stand in anyone’s way!


Question 12

− If I’m destined to study and acquire knowledge I’ll do it. But if that knowledge is destined to come to me it’ll come to me even if I don’t study for it!?

Answer 12 

− Creation is linked to causality. If you are destined for a particular outcome you will also be channeled to its cause. If you’re not destined for it, then you will feel repelled from engaging with its cause and hence won’t reach that outcome.


Question 13 

− Some verses and hadith state that if a person does good deeds he will reap its rewards, and if he doesn’t then he’ll be deprived of them. Doesn’t this show the person has a choice?

Answer 13 

− Everyone will see the results of his actions. Good or bad. But this doesn’t invalidate the fact that his actions are preordained!


Question 14 

− So, will I see the results of everything and anything I do? 

Answer 14 

− You will inevitably feel attracted to and engage in the actions aligned with what has been preordained for you and eventually you will see its results and experience its consequence.

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