Is it possible to come back to this world?

Does resurrecting into a new body mean coming back to this world with a different body or to a domain of life after the entire human race is wiped out after doomsday?

Is man responsible for what he does in this world? Or can he get away with it?

Where and how will one give account?

Can one save himself from certain dangers awaiting him in the future? If so, how?

Are the recommendations of the Rasul of Allah (saw) “restrictions” put by Allah out of amusement, or are they requirements based on a certain system and order?

What is punishment?

What does the punishment of Allah mean?

What is heaven and hell? Why are they eternal? Are they physical, psychological, or both?

What are the 8 heavens (Absolute Essence, Attributes, Names, Acts and their two aspects) where are they and how can they be reached?

What does it mean to unite with Allah? Can it be experienced here? Or is it something that pertains to the life after death? How can something free of space and location be reached?

Is there progress and development in the afterlife? Can one attain something they were not able to attain in this world, in the afterlife? What can be gained in the afterlife?

Where is the life after death?

What is death and how many types of life are there after death?

What is a test? Are we being tested? Who is testing us and why?

What is servitude, who is a servant? How many types of servitude are there?

Is man a body, a spirit, something beyond these, or all of these?

If everything I have shared until today does not answer these questions, you have no time to waste!

For if you haven’t duly comprehended the importance of the future that is awaiting you then indeed you are also not giving the due of your present moment!

If you insist on amusing yourself with illusory thoughts such as “Whatever Allah wills that will happen, so and so master has my back anyway, he will save me” then go ahead and stay in your delusion! But if it is too late when you realize that nobody can be of any avail when you don’t actually put the effort in and fulfill the requisites of your servitude, what will you do?

The following verse refers to everyone who dies without having duly prepared for the afterlife:

When death comes to one of them, he says, “My Rabb, send me back (to the worldly life).”[1]

It is evident through this verse that the preparation for the afterlife is only possible in this world, and those who die without preparing will forever be remorseful and helpless.


[1] Quran 23:99

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